Jaguars Weekend: Offseason Begins – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
James Nackashi

Go Jags
Minshew Mania

subby boi

Hi jags

Kevin Eusebio

Pay yann


    Super gamer Boy he doesn’t stop the run he goes for sacks do u even watch the games

    Taco Clan

    OneRoyalNemo congratulations u found he’s better at pass rushing!!!! But he can’t do much when he’s on the outside and the run is inside. dO yOu EvEn wAtCh gAmEs


    Taco Clan he’s gonna want a max contract he isn’t that valuable you can replace him with someone better

    Taco Clan

    OneRoyalNemo yes and he deserves it. We can have the salary to give him if the they cut the right people and trade foles. He elevates this defense to a whole different level.

James Nackashi

Let’s go pats lost


just call better plays, don’t be so predictable.




Shad is gonna sabotage the team and move to London

    Super gamer Boy

    OneRoyalNemo lmao he won’t and he’s started a 8 year project so he can’t move us for at least the next 8 years and players don’t want to go to London and stay there lmao use your head

I play Random games

Draft Justin Jefferson!




Get rid of Wash. That would help and get a new Oline coach.

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