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Josh Allen: “The Goal Is Not Just The Playoffs”

Buffalo Bills Quarterback Josh Allen addressed the media following their Week 15 17-10 victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers clinching a playoff berth.

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Im so proud of Josh Allen

    Brian Mucha

    The kid is a winner. It’s in his DNA.

Sonya Capotblanc

Thank you Lord
For josh Allen. 🏈
Almost there. So proud.
So happy. Any given day.!

    David Kelly



Some questionable play calling But great win

    David Kelly

    “Questionable” in who’s eyes??? It’s easy for your typical “fan” to question a play…BUT they’re not on the field running the plays, or designing schemes!! Obviously the coaches know WAY more than any of us…that’s why they’re paid big bucks to run professional football teams, and we’re not!! GO BILLS!

Eliana Disanto

LETS Go BUFFALO!!! 🐃 🔥🥳😃


Time to ball out in NE!


Great job Josh Allen and the bills next Saturday is going to be a big game!! GO BILLS!!!!

Mike Gloss

I believe even the coaches think this team was going to grow this but not this much. Every Sunday the people of Western NY can put our problems aside and watch this team bring the Bills back to a contender. Relax Josh and have some fun Saturday and prove to Brady it’s time to retire

    Brian Mucha

    I have to disagree somewhat friend. At the start, before we played our first game this season I said several times on message boards that Bills record would be AT LEAST 9-7, and best case scenario 10-6!…AND we are already at ten wins with 2 games to go. So that was better even than my prediction many people probably thought was way off. The Buffalo Bills coaches also probably were aiming for 10 wins hopefully,(or more…) and had some faith w/ a lot of hard work they could get there. That’s why we have the best GM, best coach, and some of the best players we have had in over 20 years!

    Mike Gloss

    @Brian Mucha judging from the way last season ended I thought they had a chance, but not in week 15. This is truly a team with a great coach and front office, they went after players that were not only talented but high character and it shows. Everyone in my house bleeds red white and blue

ray ray mccloud II

hopefully they get some bigger recievers i really like all the dudes we have but we need at least 1 bigger body

    marcus mayne

    Why what’s wrong with Dennis???

    Duck Squad

    I love our guys but I agree we need a bigger target, not making any excuses but just think about it, a 6’5 quarterback throwing to a 5’8 receiver down field has to be difficult

    ray ray mccloud II

    @marcus mayne hes weird and he probably smells

    Blablabla Blabittybla


    Dennis Madigan

    @ray ray mccloud II why, what did I say?

Buffalo Fan716

Goal is the Super Bowl 🙏

    Brian Mucha

    Been sayin for over 6 month’s…The Buffalo Bills go to the Super Bowl NEXT year…so hang on! After another great draft by Beane and McD and a couple great Free agents, this team gonna rock everyone’s world next year for sure.

Melanie Ostrovsky

Josh franchise!!!!


The goal Hit wide open receivers, better play calls, and the receivers need to get separation and catch the ball

    David Kelly

    Wow! You DO know the Bills won the game, right???

A Simple Life

Go Bills!

Cosmic Jerry

Super Bowl 2020 🏈

Johnnyflats TV NYB

Congrats 🎉 Buffalo Bills


Went to this game , Bills Mafia showed up BIG TIME!!!! felt like a playoff game

Bill Perez

I’m proud of everyone of you guys, the whole organization in fact. I live in the south now surrounded by Panther and Cowboy fans. Right now I’m taking a break from cleaning my yard. Got to go and finish up the rest of the yard. You can bet I’m out there working wearing my BILLS shirt, jacket, hat and pants for everyone who walks or drives by to see. GO BILLS. Way to play ball.

California Dreaming

I’ve been rooting for the 49ers and the Bills this season. The 49ers laid an egg yesterday but the Bills scrambled for a victory. (Ha, get it?). Josh could have better numbers but he’s a gamer and he pulled it out in the fourth quarter which seems to be a pattern for him. Now if the Bills could just start a game hot then they’ll start winning in blowouts. But after yesterday I think I have more “Faith” in the Bills than the 49ers in the playoffs. Now I just want to see Josh pay back the Patriots for that cheap shot in the last game.

Naijshua Thomas

“Knowing BillsMafia” it won’t matter. THE BEST AND LOYALEST FANS THERE ARE!

Blake Petraitis

Josh allen is a work in progress, this is just the beginning for a great quarterback and a great team

Mark Mckinney

Poncho Billa is our “Angel in the outfield” GO BILLS!

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