“We’ve Done Some Special Things but Nobody’s Satisfied” | Jordan Phillips Joins One Bills Live – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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“We’ve Done Some Special Things but Nobody’s Satisfied” | Jordan Phillips Joins One Bills Live

Bills DT Jordan Phillips joined One Bills Live on December 16, 2019 where he discussed the Bills victory over the Steelers, clinching a playoff spot and what playing for the Bills and the city of Buffalo means to him.

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Andreas Matthias

Stay humble, stay hungry! Love this squad!!!

Rihley King

that man Jordan Phillips is a beast🔥💥

Buffalo Fan716

I’m not satisfied until I see a playoff win


Vitamin W!!! Love this TEAM!!! GO BILLS!!!


I didn’t know he had such a dope accent lol

The Mafia

4:13 did my man just mess up an reveal that we are giving him that $$$$??

    Andreas Matthias

    The Mafia 👀👀

    Rihley King

    The Mafia 👀👀😳

Noah Deleon

lets go buffalo

Peter Wysochanski

WIN or lose, I love my Bill’s. Very glad for them after 2 fine performances on the national stage. Is Phillip’s lobbying for the kickers job?


Pay the man, never thought he would step up like this when Harrison got injured for the season.


See that damn hoodie! Let’s go

    Alex Solis

    DrunkNugget yes sir !! Rico’s going to be happy… lets go Bills !!

James Jacobsen

the underdog road warrior’s gonna take it to the house.

KG _Ozi

You see this guy on the field bugging out and then you listen to him talk here and your like is this the same dude 😂

    A J

    FR I thought it switched to NPR for a sec

James Jacobsen

you gotta roll with the punchas, make em packa their lunchas.


JP one of my fav def players.We beat the Pats if our offense takes advantage of what our defense gives em.


06:36.. I wonder what he couldn’t say

Mike Bourg

Really cool to hear him say about everything turned around for him

charlie Walsh

You want respect beat New England gotta beat good teams , just sayen!

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