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Jimmy G PANCAKES Anthony Barr on Reverse Run!

Jimmy G shows off his blocking skills on the reverse run by Deebo Samuel. The Minnesota Vikings take on the San Francisco 49ers during the Divisional Round of the 2019 NFL postseason.

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Shandon Rolle

I dont think the nfl realizes how momentum works

    Adan Ellefson

    Y’all funny and ridiculous ash 😂

    Shandon Rolle

    @John Tron if he only focused on the block, he wouldnt have fallen over but the runner would have gained major yardage. So what would u have preferred? Not getting embarrased or trying to make a play to help ur team

    Joe Jones

    That’s game.

    Jonathan Soto

    @Adan Ellefson lmao he had forward momentum when he engaged with jimmy g

Christos Belibasakis

Of course he’s gonna fall backwards when he’s back peddling and getting pushed

    Like Mike

    @Imperii facts. Barr is like 6’5″ 250 lbs and still getting flattened by Jimmy G

    Seth Howard

    Why are y’all saying he pancaked him ? Lol that was like the softest block ever. He’s contAining the runner by not going straigh into a block dummies! Y’all must’ve been terrible football players smh

    Jon Collins

    @Seth Howard that’s why it’s embarrassing 😆

True Gooner

That’s the weakest pancake I’ve ever seen, but respect to Jimmy for even going for a block.

    K. Webb

    True Gooner a block on barr

    Coach Clap

    Best pancake ever executed.

    Spencer Madison

    @Coach Clap Weakest Barr lost his footing.

    Terry Skarry

    @Spencer Madison slipped on a Barr of soap.


    Ba Doai

    Yes 👋ahttps://youtu.be/DinU3vJXAyo


That undercooked pancake bro miss me with that I done wasted 40 seconds I ain’t never gonna get back


    @GrantYT18 I wasn’t offended, just educating you.


    @mazzadude we all are lollllllll

    Nathan Spratley

    mazzadude Please stop projecting yourself on to other people


    @Nathan Spratley That in itself is quite ironic. Project on someone else buddy.


That’s not a pancake block lmaooo

    elite aviator

    @Fire & Ice a choke? Yeah right


    @elite aviator Yeah I just ignored what he said. Lmao. No way the NFL makes jokes.

    Sp33d Killz

    Still blocked him

    Sp33d Killz

    Yo what happened to your Beloved Lamar??? Lmao😅😅 still can’t win a playoff game

Joshua Johnson

I know, I know, they just stole your view. They stole mine too

    Ty Nao

    Vikings are straight trash homie


and the Jets were gonna pay this man😭😭

    Wutzmyname Mike

    Shut up. Who’s included the Mehts in any football conversation?

    Wutzmyname Mike

    Lame ask trick


    Wutzmyname Mike 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Wutzmyname Mike

    @Limit I’m just having fun with you brother. No harm no foul. Thanks for being real with your reply brother!!


So Jimmy Garappolo walks into a Barr…

    Clowntonio Brown

    Our Lord and Saviour JTSAM


    Congratulations you won the comment section.

    William Kats III

    Thank you for an original comment 😂

    Hai Voai



Cousins is trash when you really need him


    Tell that to the saints

Austin Park

It’s good to see that kind of effort from a Qb on a running play. Thats a team that wants to win.

Black Blade

I respect the effort by Jimmy G but that was no pancake lol

    Terry Skarry

    Mans did a great QB block, put a all pro LB on his rear end. That’s a Crepe if I were to name it.

    Ty Nao

    Vikings are straight trash homie


    Terry Skarry not All Pro but still good block

    Jonathan Soto

    Dropped him on his back, pancake

Jamar McBall

Looks like he lost his footing and Jimmy G just fell on em

    HhGg907 .-.

    @Lgf04 LGF04 he turned left and right to stop the run

    Ty Nao

    Vikings are straight trash homie

    HhGg907 .-.

    @Ty Nao and yet they made it to the playoffs

    Hai Voai

    Hi 👏👏shttps://youtu.be/DinU3vJXAyo

    David Williams

    @Lgf04 LGF04 lmao


Anthony Barr has been a joke he gets hurdle now he gets pancake BY QUARTERBACKS😂🤣

Lemont Martin

I need all viking fans to report like y’all been doing why soo quite now ? 😂

Inconspicuous Man

Whoever made this a troll

    Mike Z

    Haha even jimmy g couldn’t believe it

Jude Lloyd

The Vikings played like they were just satisfied beating the Saints.

    Semion Johnson

    Nah the 49ers defense is far better than the Saints and the 49ers are a better team then the Saints in general that’s why the game is lopsided.


    Or maybe, just maybe SF is way better than the Saint and the Vikings

    Eli Koger

    Semion Johnson

    This is literally the first year the 49ers have managed to get into the playoffs in years. They have sucked for dozens of years, and the majority of their fans are bandwagons.

    Jude Lloyd

    @Semion Johnson true the 49ers defense is better than the Saints defense,but I’m talking about the Vikings body language,it just seems like beating the Saints was their Super Bowl.The Vikings gave it their all when they played the Saints,they didn’t have anything left in the tank.The 49ers are better than the Saints ,so I see your point.

    Jude Lloyd

    @JuanitoRainman the 49ers are better than both teams,way better is pushing it.The deference between the Vikings and the Saints is the Vikings seemed afraid of the 49ers defense but the Saints are not afraid of any defense.Just ask the 49ers defense.

Marist Old Boys

Jets dodged a bullet with that bum

Tim Turner

Jimmy did not pancake him he just gently pushed him down lol

Spike Films

I thought it would be like Pat McAfee hit on Trindon Holliday during the 2013 season


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