Jimmy G & 49ers March Downfield for a Quick TD – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Jimmy G & 49ers March Downfield for a Quick TD

Jimmy Garoppolo finds a few big passes on the opening drive, finishing with a touchdown to Kendrick Bourne. The Minnesota Vikings take on the San Francisco 49ers during the Divisional Round of the 2019 NFL postseason.

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•TopKop81 •

And then the Vikings respond

    Sally Willett

    And then the 49ers score again

    jesus castaneda

    N the niners respond


    I am going to hate this Super Bowl, 49ers vs Ravens II.

    Crunch Buttsteak

    @Edward Gaines no it wouldn’t. 49ers have planty of Superbowls wins, Vikings have none.

    Jon Collins

    And then they couldn’t do anything 😂

Eric Brocko2020

Let’s go Niners


It’a going to be a good game


    @Yunan I have been a Football fan for a long time and all I know is the Vikings will always find a way to lose, they will lose and is a sure bet.

    Lemont Martin

    @Edward Gaines not at all clearly being shown they not

    Fuck you Eat my balls

    Dfig yea, no.

    Hai Voai

    Yes 👋bhttps://youtu.be/DinU3vJXAyo

Ken Fulton {Baby Elder}

It feels weird hearing Al and Cris on this early

    LXT Luza

    Gabriel Madan in my opinion it is Pat and John

    Banana Fanafoferry

    NBC brass must have told them to ditch the old geezer sweater for the playoffs. 😆

    Mr Meaty

    Gabriel Madan no there not they have like no passion and energy

    coy kehoe

    i miss john madden sound effects

    Hai Voai

    Yes 👋rhttps://youtu.be/DinU3vJXAyo

Annoynomous Cxjhg

About time you realized. To post you’re own content before someone else

    Carolina Howard

    Annoynomous Cxjhg 🤣🤣🤣

    Emanuel Gonzalez

    Shoutout highlight heaven



    perfect stranger

    you could always do another Saints eulogy

    Ba Doai

    Yes 👋👋ehttps://youtu.be/DinU3vJXAyo

feelin froggy

Let’s go Niners our ball after half time too oh yea we looking good!! Niner gang

    Izaak Murillo

    feelin froggy niner gang sounds ghetto asf

    feelin froggy

    Niner Gang baybee!!!!

    Jayden Bains

    feelin froggy please avenge us hope you guys go to the super bowl you deserve it the most

    feelin froggy

    Jayden Bains oh yea Niners are rolling rn man. Cousins looks shook man.

Baked Croissant

Damn the nfl uploading speed on yt its very quick


49ers are going to superbowl

Amack Doingtds50

I’m ready for my anxiety to take over

Donny Lane

Good drive speed for touchdown Jimmy G👍👍😍😍

Hector Steel

Cousin to Sherman. Cousin just threw it to Sherman.


Who’s been a fan before 2020 ❤️❤️


Gifting my next 10 subscribers❤️❤️

Hector Steel

Start of the fourth quarter this game is over. Go niners.

Hector Steel

Kirk cousin looks like he’s Kirk buzzin.lol

Solomon Torejak

“Three vikings to wrestling him down”. Imagine if it was one guy no doubt would’ve been a TD.

Hector Steel

Kirk cousins remember how do
” you like that”

brady chick

Bye Vikings! Go 49ners!☺️🎈☺️✌

Chocolate Santos

Who’s defense is scarier than the 49ers? No one’s that’s who…

Richard Byrd

You peons better bend the knee to the 9ers EMPIRE!!!


Take a shot every time jimmy says
“1-18!! “

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