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Always a pleasure watching New York beat its-self … only way to farm some W’s at this point.

Fabio C

Congrats to buffalo clinching the playoffs (I know they already did). Game was, ye well… you know.

See you next week


    @Tyler And Leah Canadian it should broadcast on television

    Michael Breland

    This game was boring and meaningless for bills. Next week is when it’s going to get rral

    Spencer •

    @Michael Breland real when smoke brown gets over 100 receiving yards n prolly 3 tds he’s a beast when he gets out in space.

    Michael Breland

    @Spencer • I see us beating the Texans but it’s going to be a toss up with the Ravens.

    Spencer •

    @Michael Breland Our O-line gotta play better and from what we’ve been seeing last few weeks it’s not good.

bruce lau

great win for the Jets, to carry the momentum to 2020-2021 season


    @christopher troy lmao.. reserved for what?

    christopher troy

    @amdsk8r lol you all are salty we beat ya. Be a man and take your loss LMAO 😂

    christopher troy

    @amdsk8r You don’t have an offence and you will loose your first game next week. Mark my words 😂


    Jets are bad


    @christopher troy not salty just funny. No offense (get it?) meant

hordor quarter

1:31 sounds just like a mw2 hit marker.

    Emirhan ็

    hordor quarter 1:30

    Brendon P.

    Throwing knife


    Brendon P. Yea off the map 720

    Mercenary 1914

    I didnt get your point until Emirhan posted a better timestamp.

Dewitt McDidditt

When you realize the Jets won 6 of their last 8 games. Bruh, they started the season 1-7 and ended it 6-2. They pulled a reverse 2018 Panthers.


    Akchun i don’t think so, the jets still weren’t good in the first half of the season even with Sam darnolds return

    Mako Moss

    Dewitt McDidditt the panthers did it again, they started 5-3 and ended 0-8


    @rob hub so funny to see everyone Pat the Jets on the back for winning this game. I bet they could beat my local little league too if they prepared enough.

    Rolling Coasters

    One of the losses was to the Bengals tho

    Anthony Klich

    if we win those dolphin and bengal games, we’re in the playoffs

Logan Depaoli

Jets fans: This team sucks we’re 1-7 Adam Gase is is joke

Jets: Goes 6-2 in their last 8 to go 7-9

    Michael Alvarez

    @Mandalorian Legion just saying, I mean Jets starters were injured and didnt play in this game to so 🤷‍♂️

    Mandalorian Legion

    Michael Alvarez Darnold, bell, crowder, Anderson, and Adams all played. You don’t think they aren’t starters? I could name even more but I already proved my point

    Logan Depaoli

    JOSHALLENSZN raiders, Steelers and cowboys were all above .500 when we played them

    Logan Depaoli

    Mandalorian Legion our defense had has so many injuries we’ve been playing with practice squad players all year. Avery Williamson our. CJ Mosley out. But Greg Williams is such a good defensive coordinator that he made it work and had one of the best defenses in the league

God Emperor Pepe

A moment of silence for the people who can’t tell that Buffalo benched their starters.

    Bills Mafia

    Kyle Dagher ryan khalil was rated like one of the worst centers in the nfl when he played for you guys lol. Pretty sure jets fans were liking their backup better

    Bills Mafia

    Kyle Dagher stop making it out to be like you lost insane players. If bell, darnold, and adams were out the whole season then i would understand. You still had like 80% starters playing today and barely beat a 100% bills backup team. Embarrassing


    @Bills Mafia bills have been mediocre for two decades and once they get a 10 win season your going to puff your chest out like they’ve been a great organization all along? Did you really list Dawson Knox as a good player? Guy dropped so many passes this season 🤮

    Bills Mafia

    ayadet5 dawson knox has a lot of drops but still makes plays. Who leads the nfl in drops? Julian edelman and amari cooper.. are they bad? Also, you know you’ve lost an argument when you have to bring up the past with a completely different front office and coaching staff and act like it is relevant today. Lmfao

Gmoney Anthony

Adam Gase is the king of 7-9


    Gmoney Anthony my reaction to the game

    The Fuzzy Pickle

    @Zion and the titans are kings of 9-7

    Tainted Nimbus

    @Zion You’ve never heard of Jeff Fisher?


    Pete is the king of 6-10 bound playoffs


Getting the last 1pm game with Tom McCarthy!

Emperor Palpatine

Why didn’t the Seahawks run the ball?


    jedi mind trick in the stands

Dead Shot

I’m so proud of my Jets for this season. I hope this flow can turn into something next season.

    The Great Gatsby

    Me too!

    Cristina Almeida

    That won’t happen

    Paul Van Dusen

    Absolutely!!! JETS are where we were last year. Going to be interesting as BILLS & JETS start to become contenders again.


    you know your team really sucks when there is people proud of a 7-9 season lol


    Go jets!

Seán Webb

Good to see Duke Williams do his thang. CFL representing.


    Seán Webb my reaction to the game


    Metsfan92 why would anybody care about your reaction?

Young Mexico Choppa

The Jets have really won 6 of last 8 games? 😂


    Young Mexico Choppa my reaction to the game

    Somestarwars fanboy

    @Metsfan92 why are you showing this to everyone?

    Nate The Great

    Young Mexico Choppa Si cuhh


Just realized both Falcons and Jets started 1-7 and ended the season 6-2…


We need Duke Williams in for the playoffs!

    David Maly

    … and Tommy Sweeney…


    Why they haven’t been playing that guy more is BEYOND me!


    Yea, we need to use Duke more and all of our tight ends!


When the jets have more wins then the chargers


    And only one less win than the Cowboys.

    A.T X

    FamilyMSV as a cowboys fan sadly that is true

    Philip Tucker

    And now “No Chargers, No”!

    Matthew Farmwald

    A.T X Browns

    Nick Johnson


Troy Simoneau

We miss you, Gregg.

– Cleveland


Can someone start a petition to make andy dalton the next bills backup QB


    Legit possibility

Stephen Baines

Great defence again from the jets. Need some offensive line in the draft. Looking forward to next season. Go jets.

Gino Lorenzo

technically the Jets knocked out the Cowboys from making the playoffs with that win In October 🤣 hilarious

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