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Emperor Palpatine

Thank you
*all chiefs fans to the dolphins*

    Denzel 'My Niqqa' Washington

    @Keaden Wheeler *Salty??? LOL… Clinching the division isnt anything to be salty about, kid.*


    Denzel ‘My Niqqa’ Washington we will see…


    Haha Rey killer you


    Palpatine is supposed to be a patriots fan though

Emperor Palpatine

Arrowhead will be absolutely rocking two weeks from now.

    Look at my profile picture

    @Lil Bill Those new movies isn’t Star wars canon. Just fan films


    @Lil Bill What?

    Taco Vendor

    @Sheev OP is called Palpatine.

    Brandon Savitski

    Emperor Palpatine, Do you still have hair on your junk and buttcheeks after you fried yourself with your Force lightning?

Shawn Christianson

Damien Williams loves lowering the boom on Derwin James

Escocivo 30

Chiefs getting the 1st round bye thanks to the Dolphins!

    Chris Piper

    @Keaden Wheeler I don’t know about the Chiefs either, they aren’t playing around…

    It’s easy to talk like that, it’s a game, anybody can win a game.

    Keaden Wheeler

    @Chris Piper Your right but the titans are rlly good this year and andy is 1-8 against the titans

    Chris Piper

    @Keaden Wheeler and repeating it over and over doesn’t do anything but make you like a troll

    The Pat’s hadn’t lost at home for 21 games in a row, the chiefs just beat them there and ended that streak.

    Bradys’ lost 1 game at home to miami in his career, he just dropped his 2nd to miami at home…

    Games are won on the field, not by repeating past results over and over trying to be funny…

    Keaden Wheeler

    @Chris Piper Buddy what do the Patriots gonna do with this I’m talking about the titans we haven’t beaten the titans since 2013 this year too 2014 26-10, 2016 19-17, 2017 22-21 I’m not hating im just saying facts there not playing around and I don’t wanna play them this year

Josue Tejada

Chiefs MVP today: Fitzmagic

    Justin Nguyen

    Josue Tejada remember when Fitzmagic and Mahomes were the two most talked about QBs at the start of last season?




    Apollo Balboa but only one of them has the tie breaker 🤪

Gavin Mathelier

Patrick Mahomes is actually a baller

    Ryan B

    I never thought that until today

    Navon Myhand

    I read this right when he threw an INT in the video


    Navon Myhand Tom brady has thrown more picks this year. 1 int isnt that terrible. The chargers really are not a bad team.

    T K

    Ryan B how when he played better last year than this yr lol

    Troy Hilderhof

    Navon Myhand he knew he got a free play with the multiple flags so he took a shot

Blackthorn 461

Once again tyreek hill is catching up with Damien Williams.

    Carlos Silva

    Imagine having Hill speed ability on defense 👀

    Moon Woolf

    Dude I noticed that I was like how is Hill so freaking fast.

    Akass Bhakta

    @Moon Woolf well he is the fastest in the NFL

    Moon Woolf

    @Akass Bhakta I know but still it’s jarring

    Jay C

    Tyreek needs to up his game and BEAT the ball carrier into the endzone. 🙂

Shawn Christianson

Chiefs rest up please. You have the team this year. Go get that ring!

    Anthony Marquez

    @GudRapMusic 101 don’t be ridiculous, we beat them once, we’ll do it again.

    BigSplash FTW

    007robotchicken true

    bubbas bakery

    I just want 1 super bowl win

    Wicket The Ewok

    Nah this is the Ravens year


Chiefs win and Patriots lose to the Dolphins. What a great ending to the year.


    @I don’t know but I never go to highlights unless I watch all the games I was watching. Even then I’ll watch how it happened, that’s your fault.

    venom snake

    Patriots always lose to the dolphins

    Sandra Walker

    Patriots are playing sucky team

    Chris Thompson


    Light Yagami

    @venom snake yeah they have a fettish to loosing to the dolphins in most insane ways 😂😂

Nick Mangi

Us dolphins fans just want to say “enjoy your week off, and good luck all the way through”

    Renee Garcia

    Thanks homie

    I cheat On Tests

    CHIEIFS ALL THE WAY That was payback for helping them make the playoffs in 2016

    Andrew Grotheer


    Tyler Bass

    We appreciate you

    Chris Thompson

    Cheifs All The Way lmao good one!

George Ferrera

Who’s here after the Miami Miracle

    I don't know but

    I already heard the outcome, but why do y’all have to spoil the endings of other games in these comment sections? You commented before they even uploaded highlights of that game, so if someone didn’t know what happened, you ruined it. They’re here for highlights of this game, so don’t tell me they shouldn’t read comments on a video about a different game.


    @peter spanos they were 4-11… Any sane fan hates the Puffs tho 😂

    Luke Yaple

    Nick O’Brien You’re right, it wasn’t a miracle. It was one team out playing another team. Saying your offense didn’t play well,”otherwise we would’ve won that game.”, is the most asinine statement I’ve heard in a while, right up there with, “We has less points than they did, otherwise we would’ve won.”
    I’m not gonna count the Patriots out yet because anything can happens in the playoffs but if Brady doesn’t get on the same page with his receivers it’s gonna be a first round bounce.

    Nick Mangi

    Miami miracle II


    Miami miracle 2

Blackthorn 461

One thing’s for sure the chiefs never get an easy win against the chargers.


    nobody has got an easy win vs the chargers this season. CHargers were in almost every game this season till the end

    Justin DeLeon

    @KSH172 I would say the only team that got an “easy” win over the Chargers this season is the Vikings

    What Is VR?

    that defense definitely showed up today though holy cow

    Jacob Hall

    Right, idk why we always have a tough time with the Chargers. They aren’t even that good in my opinion.

Retro radio

Dolphin fans gonna get treated like royalty, in Kansas City

    Katia Mladenka Černý

    Arsenio Buck yeah but they’re probably gonna lose in championship if that’s the case. I mean the afc top tier teams have all beaten the pats

    Rana Manj

    @thedarkemissary yeah you are correct. I HATE the Patriots

    Matt Norris

    @thedarkemissary Speak for ya damn self 🐬 #FinsUp

    Summit Guitar School

    Yes they do! Thanks Miami

    Chris Thompson

    Im from kc why cant the pats beat the dolphins no one knows

CIint Beastwood

The Dolphins are like the one thing that Bill Belichick has nightmares about year after year. They have no business beating New England at home, and I love it!

    Steven Sanchez

    CIint Beastwood its so annoying lol coming from a pats fan

    Matt Norris

    I mean beating them in Miami is one thing, going to Foxborough, beating them and making them miss out on a first round bye is like sweet nectar considering the season we’ve had.


    And the Giants


    eoe123321 with Eli is coming Manning @ QB


Good luck Chiefs, from a Chargers fan

    Jacob Sena

    Thank you let’s bring the super bowl back to the AFC west


    MichaelDemented 31-21 Chiefs

    Awesome Zone

    What you said

Takoma Bark

Dolphins = Best team in the NFL

From a Chiefs fan

    Gautham Ananthanarayanan

    Miami Dolphins are horrible

    Jacob Hall

    Yea they made my day yesterday

    Gautham Ananthanarayanan

    @Jacob Hall okay.

    John Foster

    You high

    Gautham Ananthanarayanan

    @John Foster I’m high. Not high.

Ryan Goetz

They should have showed the announcer yelling TOUCHDOWN MIAMI!

    Grouse The Ghoul

    Ryan : What do you expect ? TV hates the Pats.

    Sammy Licata

    @Grouse The Ghoul Kevin Harlan used to be our radio guy before he was hired on TV. He knows the Chiefs and our fan base. He started TOUCHDOWN KAAANNNSSSAS CCCITTY, before Mitch.

    Cody Raphael

    @Grouse The Ghoul Yall get so salty when the Pats lose🤦‍♂️😂 blame the TV why dont ya. I hope KC gives them a hard fckin time

    H.D. Armstrong

    LOL, I was cracking up when Gannon asked him which game he was calling, and he said, “I’m calling both games!”


    H.D. Armstrong The Call of Two Cities 🤣

Gary Shine

When hill outruns the defence to congratulate his teammate as he scores the touchdown LoL

    Golden Brush

    Bro he fast as hell

    Caligula6 Shoshon

    @Andrew C he can punch all the pregnant women as long as he can carry a ball the way he does.

    Ebenezer Appiah



Sorensen end the game against the chargers again😂

    dr. bombbay

    Sorensen is a BUM. DUDE was getting beat all game.

    Jacob Hall

    dr. bombbay yea but he always comes in clutch when you need him too.

    dr. bombbay

    @Jacob Hall How? By getting GARBAGE time interceptions.

    Jacob Hall

    dr. bombbay I’m guessing ur either a salty chargers fan or a hater. He got an interception which is a good thing. Quit hating and go sit down

    dr. bombbay

    @Jacob Hall I’m a kc fan. I’m just not a fanboy.

Joe Regan

Damien “I WASN’T DONE” Williams

    Young14 Pappa

    Joe Regan underrated🤣

    B- Head

    We gon need him to show off in the playoffs

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