Jets D Leaves Buffalo Scoreless at Half – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Jets D Leaves Buffalo Scoreless at Half

New York's defense came up big during the first half, keeping the Bills scoreless going into the 3rd quarter. The New York Jets take on the Buffalo Bills during Week 17 of the 2019 NFL season.

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NFL Jets Bills

BxndzUpJoc CEO

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It’s because we have literally only backups in today

    Andrew Ambrusko

    @Travis Poolehe only went in for a drive but thanks for noticing?

    Travis Poole

    @GreenBuffalo haha ur whole team are trashcans yall not going do good in the playoffs

Buffalo Bills

90% of our starters aren’t playing we want to be healthy for the playoffs…

    Antonio Caballero

    100% aren’t. Aside from our kickers we have no starters playing


    Buffalo Bills the bILLs are my team though


    No reason to prove a point we all know the starters aren’t playing lol y’all just don’t wanna take an L and make your team look good by saying that

    Antonio Caballero


    The only thing I can reasonably gather is that you think the op was a jets fan


    Antonio Caballero nah

david plays

lol but teams dont wont starters heart for playoffs i wont know cause ima falcons fan

Lucas widener

Cool I’m a pats fan hope jets lose seeing that pats and jets are rivials


    Super Someone

    That’s crazy but I don’t care


    They’re also rivals with the bills and I like the bills 😂

    Ohio state and Shrek

    Super Someone u cared enough to respond

Thought we were Equal

Jets plays starters against backups and only scores 3 points is a better tittle

No idea

Starters… NONE on the Bills

    Danger Cobra

    some of them did for a bit and they still could not do much

Aries Anderson

Loses to the dolphins and bengals 🤦‍♂️
Wait so their starters are in but bills back ups are in no wonder



Bills starters aren’t even playing because they are resting up for their first round exit from the playoffs.


    @Alfred Jones So true. Allen is a bust.

    Travis Poole

    Josh Allen is in would be resting in plus y’all would still lose if they had all starters

    Diego Mendoza

    People like you don’t even give the Bills a chance

    Travis Poole

    @Diego Mendoza people like u need stop hating on jwts


Everybody’s talking about the Bills sitting starters when these are 3rd and 4th stringers on the Jets defense.

    Antonio Caballero

    Yall have 7 more starters playing on defense then we do

    william taylor

    Yeah cause the jets suck..

    Adrian Krkuti

    Antonio Caballero Josh Allen still couldn’t get a first down first two drives

    Antonio Caballero

    @Adrian Krkuti we ran 3 screen passes. He literally had 2 pass attempts that were actual passes

    Antonio Caballero

    If allen was the jets QB this would be a blowout

Chowdz zz

Benching starters to loose next week

    MRTUPAC 28


    Joseph Dang

    Well they play the Texans soooo … they will probably win sadly

    Moneybag Mar800

    Where’s your team probably not even in the playoffs

Thrilling Productions

Yea our backups are in. Haha

Antonio Caballero

Should be a video titled bills backups hold jets starters to 3 points in the first half lol

    MRTUPAC 28

    The Jets have starters 🤔?

    Antonio Caballero

    @MRTUPAC 28 I agree with your point but its hilarious that Darnold has Bell, Anderson, and Crowder vs every backup on the bills and still looks like complete trash.

    MRTUPAC 28

    @Antonio Caballero The Jets problems are simple which is horrible OL and inconsistent WRs. No QB can play consistent good football with those 2 factors.

    Antonio Caballero

    @MRTUPAC 28 he plays like Allen did his rookie season. Darnold came into the nfl and hit his cieling his rookie year. He has arguably better weapons then Allen does

Travis Poole

Quit hating bills fans watch next year jet going be top

    nickolas Yacone

    Travis Poole backups

    RoguePepper 9606


    Zac Davis

    Haha how?
    You guys don’t have many prospects. You gonna get a whole new team?

Billy Jean




    Billy Jean

    Ziroidex I’ve seen 3-4 blatant PI not even mentioned by the commentators and I haven’t even watch the whole game

Ryan Flanagan


The Real Cody Bersick

*its over for the bills*

Adam Ross

Bills are trash

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