Bears Defense STUFFS Mike Boone for a Safety – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Bears Defense STUFFS Mike Boone for a Safety

Nick Kwiatkoski takes down Mike Boone in his own end zone for the safety. The Chicago Bears take on the Minnesota Vikings during Week 17 of the 2019 NFL season.

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GamingWorldX L


Escocivo 30

A wasted season for the Bears Defense

    Masonic the destructor

    @Turtle tf are u talking about


    Masonic the destructor notice how you are playing all backups, that will not happen all season next year


    @Turtle you’ll be nothing with out aaron rodgers. I mean were having a better season than you during your hundred year season


    Xathoron what is your team? Also people said we would be nothing when Brett farve left. Their will be a lot of talent in the packers even when Rodgers is gone

    Bat Blasterson

    Wait until next year ! Ha Ha, Hee Hee. Good Bye.

Hugo E



Bears will have a good season next year no doubt.

    IIX Wolf


    Norman VanScoy

    Not with Trubisky.


    MRTUPAC 28 ok boomer

    Honolu Western

    MRTUPAC 28 they are playing 2nd stringers.


Vikings backups not looking good out there. If I had known about who would play earlier I would have picked the Bears to win.

Aries Anderson

Now the bears want to win where was this all season ..🤦‍♂️

    Norman VanScoy

    @IIX Wolf Yeah ok


    Aries Anderson they are against back ups 😂
    Go pack go

    Mario Hernandez

    There playing backups relax

    Honolu Western

    Aries Anderson can’t play 2nd stringers all year…

    Cian Shamrock

    Remember this is the Vikings backups

Left Turn Productions [LTP]

I love it when a team scores a safety. It really messes with the score.

    Joey Harder

    Agreed. I was looking at the box score for over a minute trying to figure out what happened lol

isaac marcus

Let’s finish this decade strong 🐻⬇

    Bat Blasterson

    Just Bear lee.

Jerry Kwerve

Fire Ryan Pace

skullman cheese

Vikings:stuffed for safety
Media and analytics:it’s kirk fault

Basketball Goat


Basketball Goat

Let’s go bears

Basketball Goat


Ryan Jansen

Bears defense was ready for a repeat of last season. Our offense had other plans, like literally, they didn’t show up.



Always Great USA

Zimmer DISRESPECTED fans who paid their hard-earned money to watch this CRAPFEST Performance by the Vikes !


In the words of TJ Lang, a former Lions lineman, “a safety is always a touchdown”

Ryan Flanagan


MKJR 2004

Sad they’re not gonna be in the playoffs

Travis Donald Stanley

How much of the Vikings are resting today?

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