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K Mac

This off season, TWO TACKLES. Get TWO SAFETIES. Get a MLB I think Mac and Taki show signs of being good. Sign Hunt and Chubb (Mack / Byner) to big deals. Lose OBJ (he aint all that), take the 1st rounder if offered. If someone want’s him bad enough get a saftey too. Keep Landry. But 15 MILLION apiece for 2 wrs? Can’t do it. Build from within. I was wrong about Freddie. He’s over his head, me thinks. Could he stay in the organization? It would be nice… This was a disastrous season all the way around. HOW MUCH DID GARRETT have to do with this Defense? HOLY wow.

    Jerry Obrien

    Building a team works. Buying a team does not. Browns were 9 wins by vegas. Ravens 8 wins. Ravens are 154 million team (salaries and injured reserve).
    Browns 173 million. Next year the Ravens have of tons of money. This was the dump players and salaries rebuild year. The Ravens added 5 new defensive starters
    after week 4. Most off the street

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