Freddie Kitchens Discusses OBJ Sticking Around for 2020 | Cleveland Browns – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Fire Freddie

    jerald meow

    Zoruastrianism who should replace him?

Austin Phillips

Everyday he says is a good day and then they lay an egg on Sunday

J Farnsworth

This guy….get him OUT OF HERE!!!

Dan M

Newsflash!!! Freddie thought we had a good day.

Bruce Viers

I want Freddie kitchens stay coaching for the Browns and Cleveland better not replace kitchens

Paul Cesare

Keep at it Coach Kitchens…building a winning culture takes time, repetition, determined, focused effort, love, discipline and a little luck!

shock vet

Yes send this dude packing asap and send Odell (team wrecker) with him or no playoffs for Browns

Bigbob 2time



Im gonna make mad a lott of Browns fans. But? Keep everybody. We cant keep replacing Coaching staffs year after year. The team needs to get familiar with the playbook, and comfortable running the plays. Now buy into it. If Hugh can go 0-16 and keep his job, Freddie deserves another year. Im gonna say it. I may not even agree with what Im saying. But? Let everyone take the off season off, come back KNOWING whats up, and lets do this next year. Cause next year is the real tell, About Freddie and Baker. He has his Wedding outta the way, now everyone commit. I know im gonna get yelled at. But I think its the best decision. New systems take to much time to learn in camp. Lets just get better at what were doing now. It shows promise. Baker. Come on man. Dorsey, Off. Line. Tackles. Everyone else? Play Football. Who else is out there to hire? Maybe a year of the team getting slammed will motivate them instead of being crowned Before training camp Champs?


Get used to this Alabama hill billy. Owner too cheap to pay another coach. Browns are still paying Hue Jackson. #mentoriswithlamar

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