Jason Garrett Postgame Press Conference: “Came To Work” | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

How did the post 3 videos in 3

joe thumm

7 – 7 …….yeah, your a great coach……



B. D

It’s still fire Garrett nothing has changed

    Omar Ramirez

    Agree. In order for this team to succeed there needs to be some major changes. For example Maher, the talent is there, it just needs to be brought out and done so by a better coach.

Humphrey Family Homestead

He sounds exactly the same when they win from when they lose!! #newcoachneeded

    Shabazzrgt007 Bazz

    Exactly. Even keeled not too high not too low. 6 more wins to go.

Alexia Is On Fire

So this means he gets an extension right 😑


    10 more years


    Not Necessarily. Time will tell

Robert Monsivais

All the media “Jerry “ plays on the man GREAT coach let’s get behind him instead of talking behind him


Props to him this game for sure

GreYY #

We still need a new Head Coach. 10 Years and he won absolutley nothing

King Zacharias

Get him out of here.

Allen Ross

I see us winning the super bowl

Joe King

So he gets the blame when they lose, does he get the credit after this?

    Rafael Valles

    Joe King Absolutely he deserves his credit for this win


    He never takes credit for a win. So much bias against him.


He’s more bearable when we win 😭🤣😂

ILL eagle Alien

I haven’t seen the video yet, but I’ll be surprised if he (JG) doesn’t shed a year. Lol🤣😂😂🤣🤣

Connor Rebuck

Come to think of it. I didn’t see him clap once all game


Garrett’s got to go. 7 wins , 7 losses. Not good. 10 years . Nothing . Landry built an expansion team and was competing in a championship game in 6 years. Johnson did it in 4. This is not a great coach, or good coach. He is average. And one of many Jerry Jones Puppet Coaches.
Sadly he would only be replaced by yet another J.Jones figure head coach.
Nothing to see here.


This dude… EVERY team has a great line, good players blah blah blah..what happened LAST game @ Chicago? Or @ home against the Bills? And what were those fronts THAT much better then this one on the Rams? YOU clap, are why this bunch goes so cold when they should be blowing teams off the gridiron. All your butt kissing media chats are just that, butt kissing. YOU need to one time, just once say hey we beat the hell out of them, our guys are better then theirs.

paul conner

Please fire him

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