Dak Prescott on Coin Toss Error & Dominant Win vs. Rams | Dallas Cowboys – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
mojo jojo

He deferred the question..lol

    F L

    Like a champ

steven clark

Tonight was great and we jamed, but are we jelling as a team!?!?

Eddie V

Very happy for them.

Keep your head up Dak and don’t be ashamed.

1.You clearly said defer.

2.You don’t have to recite a script.

3. You said what needed to be said.

The ref messed this up again.

1.He could have asked you to clarify.

2.All he had to do is ask you to clarify your call, if you truly said everything and he was confused.

The ref situation in the NFL is a disaster.

This is another example of that.

Camari Walker

320 2 tds Zeke 93 yrd cowboys win 24-7 next Sunday


Drink everytime he says uhh

    James Tatum

    If you drinking alcohol then you might end up dying from alcohol poisoning


    @James Tatum I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy. Because they gonna go through like 3 bottles

    Chop Chop

    ImCanmanBih try doing it during a Demarcus Lawrence interview! You’ll have enough Alcohol in your system to kill a horse!

    James Tatum

    @ImCanmanBih 😂😂


I love how dak is so articulate. I can see him coaching in the future really

JUSTACalixioFan Roblox

CowboysNation all day everyday

JP Bear Down Fam!


go for it. Guzman

If they continue to play like this they will be dangerous

Jason Flores

Damn Dak gots the perfect answer for ever question…..let’s go cowboys 💪💯

Juan C

Hope they got it figured out. They can be dangerous from here on out. Look like 49rs Patriots running out of gas

Joe E

I have always said that the Boys look damn good on paper and if they could play like they did yesterday just like the paper shows, then the “Boys are Back in Town”

Jared Grimes

Back to work tomorrow!

Felicia Ybañez


Robert Zamarron

7:00 to 7:26
Preach young man.

Cathy Leatherman

What a wonderful game … keep going cause it’s fun to watch !

Cathy Leatherman

This game sure picked me up … thanks guys


If the Cowboys continue to play like they played against the Rams………

Deborah Dews

Thank you for the way you handle the coin toss question.

Atlas Latest

Jason catch was crazy, It just stuck to his ✋.

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