Jarvis Landry talks about playing through injury | Player Sound – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Callistus Fernandes

I hope Cleveland Brown’s social media team reads this but we need to poach saints Pete carmichael Jr as our OC

Stan ezen

Humble hardworking athlete. Deserves better. Browns go 10-6 next year

    Jonah Brown

    Stan ezen maybe with a better head couch

    Chip THEflip

    I sure hope so

    Stan ezen

    Have faith in Cleveland.

BigO12 18

We need to to realy good next season we should do better

BigO12 18

We should be 11-5 next season we shouldove been 11-5 this season

aundria 7

Landry, Miami misses you!! #GOPHINS 💙💙 #GORAVENS 🖤💜🖤💜

tim miller

What the deal with all pro joe…are we giving him a contract

Mark Wood

1:22 the pickle mic.

David Vice Bangura

They better pay this man when his contract is up

    Future Selves Past Memories

    what? do you mean re-sign him?

    David Vice Bangura

    @Future Selves Past Memories yes anything wrong with that..

Ivalina Passe

Yes he seems very humble Be blessed and healed Jarvis Landry get Better you and Odell Beckham Jr The Wonder Boys do your thing On the Field!!!Make them Catches!!!!!

Future Selves Past Memories

Talented, tough, humble, durable, shifty, kind, considerate…absolute class all the way.
You epitomize the type of player who’s jersey any parent would be proud to have their child wear.
You always do what you can for us and you never, ever disappoint.
Your will is unstoppable. We love you Jarvis. Thanks for another great effort, I truly appreciate it. -Browns Fan for 35 years

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