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The Real Beasts

The browns will be better next year

    Slime Peso

    Oh please its always next yr this next yr that

    james baldwins

    Not with this BUST at qb

    Arav Bhatt

    browns fans are worse than patriots and cowboys fans


    Add Myles back plus continuity and the extra draft picks and that will get them a couple more wins at least, but better to eject Freddie if they can get a capable game manager in place.

    James Day

    Im so depressed 😞 right now i could jump off the West 25th brige…if i had bus fare to make it down town..

Ohio Biker

Growing pains…


you dont have 7 wins yet sir, god knows I hope you do


I think you be ok Baker, you have to play better, I know its your second year, and understand its not just gonna happen. You keep being you, work on the little things, and take care of the ball. You still MY QUARTERBACK!

    kingbey fan

    RiftedShift Since Baker is so perfect, why do he throw so many INTs? Can’t blame that one double coverage and WR injuries 😂. If you don’t think Baker needs some training with his accuracy, decision making, and footing… something is wrong with YOU! He needs a guru to help him get those things corrected BEFORE OTAs. That is where the “personal trainer” will help.

    Edward Gaines

    @kingbey fan It’s funny how Lamar Jackson hasn’t done one commercial yet. Clearly the hype hasn’t gotten to him.


    Ok, Lamar ain’t gonna last. Hes a running quarterback, and you know what that means. He’s like long puts for pars, and dogs that chase cars…he’s not gonna last. F him

    kingbey fan

    MR TYRIZZEL Yeah, yeah, yeah. And this year’s MVP is LAMAR JACKSON!

Callistus Fernandes

I hope Cleveland Brown’s social media team reads this but we need to poach saints Pete carmichael Jr as our OC

D Man

You forgot to say that YOU (BAKER) can’t throw INTERCEPTIONS

    John Krompecher

    D Man and that the o line has to block

Jeff Turner

After this last game, go to southern Cal and spend every day with your QB coach. No commercials, no bars or beer shot gunning. Do what you’re hired to do. Focus for a change and shut your mouth. That about sums it up.


    Nah fam shut it He can do what he wants.I love baker.Hes a good man and is a good qb with a bad line with many holes that need to be filled

    Jeff Warren Anderson

    Jeff Turner Boom! Glad to see two others already spoke up… to answer this crap. He already works his butt off… it is a fact! This guy doesn’t owe anyone anything… and stop being jealous of a man earning a living with commercials… he would be a moron like you… if he didn’t take advantage of his offers. Listen to this man speak… he is a very smart and articulate and he’s not afraid of anything. They stick the microphones in his face and look for sound bites… the media wants to tell you what and how to think… listen to this guy or don’t. We don’t want to hear your stupidity.

garry nichols

i got a baker mayfield browns jersey for xmas. dont disappoint me next year

    mick chappo

    Damn. That’s not good


    U will be Ight baker will b better

    Angel Black Worldwide

    Uniform change is coming in the spring!

    james baldwins

    Lmao.. that what goodwill was invented for.

    Remmy_ Boy6

    garry nichols I got landry

Elias and Brittany Thornburg

This comment section makes me ashamed to be a browns fan, last year we had our franchise qb and now this year he is a “bust” because he has a horrible head coach and a horrible offensive line, baker is not the problem!

    Elias and Brittany Thornburg

    @Arav Bhatt get out of here 1-14

    Tim Sapara

    He’s a 2nd stringer at best. Even a blind person can see that. Browns fans aren’t to smart

    Elias and Brittany Thornburg

    @Tim Sapara your wrong man, it is just a sophomore slump, he was breaking records his rookie year, he has the potential, just needs an offensive line

    Tim Sapara

    @Elias and Brittany Thornburg lol ok keep thinking that.

    james baldwins

    @Elias and Brittany Thornburg nope. He is clearly a BUST. He is Tim Hasselback… except he got drafted as if he was LAMAR JACKSON…

Miguel Melendez

Yes they will be better next year . bring the violin is the same tune of the Las 20 years.

Jeremy loosemore

I am a die hard cleaveland Browns fan I just pray 🙏🙏 that this team can and will turn the ship around and build a winning atmosphere for the city of Cleveland for the fans of the Browns I have and will always be my favorite football team win loose or tie but it is time for the winning part because we sure do know the loosening side for far too long now

    Christopher G

    Jeremy…loose is how you tie your shoes. Lose…may not look right but it is. Loser, lost, losing, loss…..get it? Most common malaprop seen online, you’re ( the other ) not alone…

    Edward Gaines

    I’ve heard the conspiracy that Haaslam is purposefully ruining the Browns team because he is a Steeler’s fan.


How bout you step away from the camera until you actually accomplish something. You have all the weapons you need. You just don’t have the talent to get the job done.

John L

Baker hit up Peyton Manning this offseason and learn his ways.


    Edward Gaines why? So he can runner better lol

    Edward Gaines

    @ramyanathaniel Yuppers.

    Future Selves Past Memories

    ​@John L oh yeah?

thifty bill

Glad he mentioned getting together in the off season. That appears to be critical! Go Baker!

Itz Leg Day

BELEIVELAND! hang in there guys


Free Myles!

Devontae Khay

I’m riding with u till the end bake you MY QB 🤞🏽🖤

Jack A Roe

Such an unprofessional organization. Can we get a spot where we can’t hear players laughing and hollering in the background?

Also, they’re a 6 win team. What is all the laughing and joking about anyway? 2nd rate organization, with a criminal running it.

Cody Ross

Someone should do the win/loss percentage when he sports a mustache versus a beard.

    Edward Gaines

    His wife probably tells him to shave it off.

shock vet

Two words fixes it Baker – HARD WORK

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