Jared Cook, ‘This is what you play for’ | 2019 NFL Wild Card | New Orleans Saints – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Jared Cook, ‘This is what you play for’ | 2019 NFL Wild Card | New Orleans Saints

New Orleans Saints tight end Jared Cook post-practice locker room interview ahead of the Saints vs. Minnesota Vikings 2019 NFL Wild Card Round playoff game.
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Connor Bergeron

Cook us up a W Jared!

Johnnyy Bravoo

No Minneapolis Miracle this time! This time it’s the New Orleans Miracle!

    The Piper Report

    Eric Cabrales – He can’t tackle though. He’s missed so many important tackles this year. Even the tackles he tries to make, where he contacts the opponent, he still can’t bring him down. If you go over and watch all the old highlight videos you see tackle after tackle he misses. So I hope he changes that in playoffs.


    TRAMALL KELLUP marcus williams is great. It was just a simple mistake. Top safety in this league


    @Eric Cabrales i dont know…he still whiffing on tackles


    @The Piper Report i see the same thing…he tackle like he scared. He was scared to tackle George Kittle he grab the facemask

    Swagy Boi

    Thas Wsp


The Saints got this, I’m not too scared of the Vikings. They aren’t as good as they were 2017, but they aren’t bad either. They’ve had a much easier schedule, but I wouldn’t count them out. The Saints should shut them down. Lock up Adam and Stefon, and break their defense! Also, Michael Thomas vs Xavier Rhodes is coming! Michael shall teach him a lesson once again.

Eric Brocko2020

Cook is going to play a huge role in this playoff series

    Ryan Montes

    I agree! He’s heating up at the right time.

Noz Wiz


Kaw Shin


Kras 4

Cook is a game changer. Over the last month you can see Brees develop more TRUST in him. This could be THE player on offense who takes us over the top. Good luck on Sunday Jared ✌. Who Dat!

    The Piper Report

    I wish they had a good #2 receiver though. Wish Dez Bryant wasn’t still gone

Sid May

Who Dat guys, I have no doing your going to smoke the Vikings. You guys are ready for this run to the super bowl.

    Matt Peterson

    Sid May p

Scott Stlaey

Best acquisition of 2019 right there. Keep playing hard man Brees needs you.
N j. Hill is solid. He’s been around awhile

SAT Scott

Hope Cook can stay healthy in playoffs.

keith B

One of the best signings we had in a long time. Glad to have him!


Cook just need to stay health throughout the entire playoffs & into the Superbowl

jerry robinson

JC is quickly becoming one of my favorite Saint. The Man is a real decent and intelligent Guy.

I'm Your President

That hat is so dope.

985 Jay

Shot out to Josh Hill he solid frfr. Cook bout to shine in the playoffs, the offense is in tune and Drew got his timing down pax I see them boys going to da bowl

TheReal Snoopy

Cook more in the mix and alvin is heating up right before playoffs! Lets get it!


This team is FOCUSED. LFG

Mike Larry

Mike T finally rubbing off on Cook with that one hander he had against the Titans. You got the best teacher in the League on your team take advantage.



Ramon Crocodilians Productions

Keep doing your thing Jared, can’t wait to see you ball on the Vikings this Sunday!!! Time to go get it!!! Geaux Saints ⚜🏈⚜🏈πŸ’ͺ🏾πŸ’ͺ🏾πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎ

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