Drew Brees Talks Vikings Ahead of Playoffs | 2019 NFL Wild Card | New Orleans Saints – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Drew Brees Talks Vikings Ahead of Playoffs | 2019 NFL Wild Card | New Orleans Saints

New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees post-practice locker room interview ahead of the Saints vs. Minnesota Vikings 2019 NFL Wild Card Round playoff game.

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javier hernandez

My boy Drew got freshened up for the postseason

    Ryan Davison

    javier hernandez that fade coming in tight

    Alex Colon

    I peeped that lol

    RedCross 504

    Great catch. I peeped that as well.

    Garvo Lotti

    Looking like hes bout 24 years old, gotta be fresh 4 da willy wild card game lol

Gundam1313 NOLA DAWG

LOL Drew not fooling anybody the eyes says it ALL , he wants this game and he wants to send a statement to the NFC .



    He is definitely dialed in. Go get this win fellas! Who Dat

    B Wheels

    B_Dat Brilliance damn that’s crazy


    Leave the “lol” in 2019




    tier1solutions28 I doubt any bullshit will happen the secondary stacked


⚜️Haha “Fuel” in his locker. We ready! ⚜️

    Antonio Gay


    Silver Is The Name

    Yesssirrrr dont underestimate anyone because truly anything can happen on any given day, all we can be as Saints fans is be humble and think positive

    •chicken nugget •

    Silver Is The Name yes that is literally so true because you never know what is going to happen, so just pray 🙏😂

Tweety B

Until you get another ring you’re a disrespected “Underdog”. Keep grinding. It’s gonna take nothing less than your best to win the Super Bowl this year!!!!! Thanks

    Ruben Enrique

    Mmmm for me he is the real GOAT. Championships are a team achivement.

    Kurt Sarachick

    Good call. More good teams with a valid shot at winning the Superbowl this year. I count 7 teams that could win it and it won’t be a surprise. I usually see 4 legit teams and 2 outside chance teams. Going to be a great playoffs! Good luck to all the fans, may the best team win.

Walter Palmer

Reporters stay home.
Let the Saints focus on the job at hand.
One week at a time.

    Silver Is The Name

    Yesssirrrr dont underestimate anyone because truly anything can happen on any given day, all we can be as Saints fans is be humble and think positive

    Ramon Crocodilians Productions

    Geaux Saints ⚜🏈⚜🏈!!!! 🔥🔥🔥💪🏾💪🏾

    Ramon Crocodilians Productions

    @Silver Is The Name Factssss 💯👍🏾

Scott ricardi

I love how Drew plays and I love that he seems like a stand-up guy. Gives respect/gets respect…..but honestly, probably the coolest thing I’ve noticed before and this video was very telling in that he LOVES his kids….he smiled so big while speaking about them, MY face hurt. I don’t know the man personally and likely never will, but that smile says more about him than we probably will know. Wish he (and Sean) could stay forever but it’s not realistic. What is realistic is another ring….more broken records and the fact that this is a man that future generation fans are gonna ask their dads/mom’s “Did you ever see Drew Brees play?”. Oh yes son….I did….and it was awesome and a luxury for the Saints fans everywhere to have all these years of watching him. I’m a Saints fan since the age of 15 from North Carolina…..I’m now 45.

Ryan Davison

Calling it now Him not making that QB list is gonna piss him off and he is now gonna make a personal decision to bring it home. Nothing better to answer them with a SB

    Adam Eves

    The list was made in 2018.
    FYI, he came in 3rd all-time in fan voting.
    Also, nothing is a “personal decision” in organized team sports. One man doesn’t get to decide anything. You’d know this if you were ever part of a sports team.

    B Wheels

    Adam Eves blah blah blah hater

    Inaren Commander

    I don’t think he cared about that.

Colby Stutts

Such a humble qb!!! Whodat let’s get this W

    Ctsmtbw Ctsmtbw

    he better win the sb this year or else im going lose my humbleness

Scott Stlaey

It’s g9nna be a long road to Miami, but we have the leadership, the coaches, n quality players to accomplish what we all want. N that’s a ring.lets go!!
But great season guys. Finish strong

ghostface griller

He’s got that look in his eyes😎 I can see that he’s trying to hide those goat horns😋


Drew is a class act

Love the saints

Go Taysom !!!

Go Saints!!!!


I feel like The Saints are out for revenge this year. Who Dat

Adam Eves

“No team in the NFC snuck in”
*Looks at NFC East*

    Supreme Biscuit HD

    Adam Eves Eagles didn’t sneak in they just got hot at the right time. They beat the Giants and the Redskins in two close games and then beat the inconsistent Cowboys and beat the Giants again all while being injured. Yes the NFC East does indeed suck but the Eagles earned their spot. Then again, they don’t matchup with other playoff teams well at all and I do expect them to be one and done.

    Adam Eves

    @Supreme Biscuit HD Sigh….You completely missed the point. They have a worse record than the wild card teams. I shouldn’t have to explain anything. And you shouldn’t have typed your comment. 2019 NFC East winner is a waste of a playoff spot. No matter which team made the cut. If Division winners didn’t automatically get a free playoff home game, their record wouldn’t have gotten them into the playoffs AT ALL. I can tell you’re slow, but you should be able to understand now.

    Silver Is The Name

    @Adam Eves Yesssirrrr dont underestimate anyone because truly anything can happen on any given day, all we can be as Saints fans is be humble and think positive

    Jay K.

    I see both sides, the Eagles did sneak in. The Seahawks also snuck in 2010 and beat us!


Drew brought the saints back from a 17 to nothing deficit in that playoff game two years ago. On the road, hostile crowd, nothing rattled him. That’s what a leader does. Lead by example and execute the plays, no matter how tuff it is, he finds a way… that Vikings defense was #1 in the league at that time and he brought the saints back with poise and confidence. Fast forward to now and Everybody’s focused on this opponent, no looking back on the past just living in the moment and seizing the moment! I see great things ahead for this group. Its crunch time!


    B.Allen they also dropped 46 points on the number 1 defense of the 49ers but our D blew it for the team by allowing more than 46 points. Ugh


    @zgblundell Yep. They know what time it is now, its win and advance or stay home. I still have confidence in the defense, this is the second season, they know what’s at stake. Keep an eye on Cook in this one, I think he’s primed for a big game, he leads the saints with 16 yards per catch! and 9 scores on the year. Him and Brees clicking at the right time. Im excited for that connection… I expect those two to stay consistent! 16 yards per reception is impressive for a TE !!!

Nu-Hive Kulture

I like the teams posture. Grounded.Focused. Poised. Confident.


If you don’t love Drew Brees after those daddy stories, you’re a very sad person, or a Falcons fan, which is kinda the same thing.


We all know 3 seed is not ideal but Saints can beat Vikings at home and Packers away. Will come down to NFC conference I think. I’d rather Brees than Garoppolo any day of the week 🐐

Patrice Jacques

Drew has that look in his eye! Try me, like your mama would say, just try me!

Johnny Lemons

The only thing that can stop the saints are the refs

    Inevitable Expertise

    @Ramon Crocodilians Productions ya cause it seems like every close game we’re in, the flags start flying and their always against us.

    Jay Stiles

    Tbh the saints defense does cost them games too especially penalties

    Squirrel God


    Ctsmtbw Ctsmtbw

    @Jay Stiles look at all their playoff games except for when they played SEA against that Legendary Defence with prime L.O.B in Cold weather temp. The 12th man was a factor as well the saints offence cost them that one but the rest of them it was the defence

    Inevitable Expertise

    @Jay Stiles ya and that’s why Eli Apple gotta stay on the pine unless we get a rash of injuries and he has to be out there.

Philip Tucker

Drew Bree’s got him a fade 😆

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