Jamie Gillan Mic’d Up vs. Bengals (Week 14) | Cleveland Browns – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Jamie Gillan Mic’d Up vs. Bengals (Week 14) | Cleveland Browns

Kick it with the Scottish Hammer, as Browns punter Jamie Gillan talks about the win against the Bengals and what it meant to have his father in the flight crew for the flyover. As an official partner of the Cleveland Browns, we’re proud to support the team and the fans, giving you exclusive access with Fifth Third’s First Look. 53.com/Browns

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Brody Davis

Easy dub

Th1I Wright

Good game

Blanco Diablo



Bangels easy win


Go Dawg Pound

Austin Miller

Jamie Gillan the Scottish Hammer is tearing it up in Cleveland and will continue to tear it up in Cleveland I feel like he’s the best punter in the world and the browns will sweep the Bengals again this season like they did last season

karen munthe

What a proud moment!!… watching his dad’s flyover.

Evan The actor

Like if we better beat the cardinals

    The Jamz


    katie S.

    Oh yeah we will. We are facing one of the worst offenses and defenses

    Zach Allen

    Could be a trap game

    Edward Gaines

    Depends on which Baker shows up.

Joy Popoola

I am just here for his thighs!

    Robert Janko

    I dont mind, youre here to en-Joy! ;o)

    Edward Gaines

    Uh-oh, #Divest. 😖

John Quest

Theses are genuinely good guy’s, I’m glad we have them. May they have long careers as Brown’s!!

Luke Speweike

I need a Gillan jersey asap

RZFL Sports

How can you not love this guy

    Edward Gaines

    Like the accent!

Robert Janko

I am a fan from his first interview on! Jamie should take blue facecolor instead of camouflage. Go Scottland! Go Jamie! Go Browns! Flyover of a british plane is a statement and what a moment for Jamie and his dad! Greets from germany

Cameron Campbell

When you’re favorite player is a punter.. Love the Hammer!

Edward Gaines

Who likes hearing his Scottish accent? The ladies must dig it! 😃

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