Exclusive Cardinals Game Preview w/ Freddie Kitchens | Cleveland Browns – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Exclusive Cardinals Game Preview w/ Freddie Kitchens | Cleveland Browns

Nathan Zegura interviews Head Coach Freddie Kitchens about the Browns' matchup with the Arizona Cardinals. Freddie discusses going back to Arizona after spending 11 seasons with the Cardinals, Nick Chubb's continued dominance and how the Browns can leave Phoenix with a win.

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Caleb Susman

I got a fever……and the only prescription is more cowbell aka Nick Chubb

    Edward Gaines

    I got a tumor, and its name is Freddie Kitchens!

Austin Miller

Let’s go browns and crush the Cardinals Browns 36 Cardinals 14

Arnold Davis

Browns might win we are right at the bottom Freddy sucks Baker will be a good back up quarterback

    Nate Giegel

    Baker back up QB!? Hes a franchise guy

    Robert Janko

    @Nate Giegel Stop feeding that troll!


Cardinals are bad, we can do it!!

Jay C

While Freddie is in Arizona they should offer his old job back


Big ol’ freaking black cloud hanging over the Browns again. If they are stupid enough to cut loose a Joe Schobert in free agency, they get what they deserve. Absolutely idiotic if the rumor is true. Take a solid core which can be built on for years and shred it. Then wonder why we never win squat.

It had better not be true.

    Edward Gaines

    Especially after those picks Schobert made. Then again, Alex Mack left Cleveland, and the next year he was in the Super Bowl!


    @Edward Gaines
    Yeah we wanna see Joe in SB WITH ANOTHER TEAM.



Robert Janko

1 and 0 this week! Go Browns!

Edward Gaines

Damn, Freddie was actually thinner in Arizona! Must’ve been all that heat.

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