Jameis Winston Obliterates Colts w/ 456 Yds & 4 TDs | NFL 2019 Highlights – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Robert Wilson

Winston 5 tds 456 yards and this without mike evans

    J M

    Sauce Money he is elite you on the wrong page saying that. He’s only had 2 bad games.

    Sauce Money

    J M uhmmm did I say he wasn’t elite?


    J M evans is “hot or cold” WR…

    Banquet Meal

    @J M Jameis is a walking turnover.

    Brisco Entertainment

    @Banquet Meal time for you to stop hiding behind a dinner entree and play Qb. You wouldn’t make it on a jr varsity team with that certified hater mentality. Jealous of a man who is better than u.


Dude threw three picks but is tied for second most passing tds in the season

    Dilly Billy

    BaconAttack! And 1st in yards

Robert Wilson

Winston my boy. Busch Gardens needs to add a new roller coaster called “the Jameis Winston experience” be the best roller coaster ever. 😂

    dog the booty hunter

    Good one

    Garrett Wilson

    Wtf there would be 3 malfunction with those 3 int

Kami Tenchi

Lmao the Yu-Gi-Oh references on this channel is hilarious

    C Taylor

    What makes you think its a yu gi oh reference just becsuse the title said obliterate?

    Kami Tenchi

    C Taylor Lmao you got it

J BraunBraun

Dudes fearless, thats why he racks up big yards and multiple picks. Not gonna say hes great but he def isnt bad.

    ReShaun Groomes


    Banquet Meal

    He’s bad. If he threw half the amount of picks they might be in playoff contention. 22 is ridiculous.

    The Narrator

    @Banquet Meal agreed he’s following the Phillip rivers game plan.

    A A

    Banquet Meal Peyton Manning threw 28 INTs one year

    Kevin Adams

    @Banquet Meal If Tampa had a defense and running game they’d be in playoff contention

Sauce Money

Peyton Manning threw 100 ints through his first 6 seasons. If Jameis can finally start to limit his turnovers he’ll be a great QB for many years


    @Jonathon Shine Favre had a top 5 defense too

    Yeelicious -

    Jonathon Shine yeah 😅

    Jonathon Shine

    @Buccaneers #SuperBowl37Champs ok Jameis is a hall of fame qb I’m so sorry

    Garrett Wilson

    Sauce Money facts and that’s what I say to everyone but all the y’all about are the td and not int

    A A

    Jonathon Shine he probably will be in the HOF


Winston could be a good qb if he didnt throw so many picks.

    signor pops

    Cpatel217 bucks should move up this draft and take a QB

    Pio Pius

    @signor pops I think they good


    signor pops Nah they need a secondary. I think of jameis like Brett farve kinda. He’ll throw a ton of TDs but also a lot of picks. Farve did the same thing. Farve’s defense was just better and could stop a nosebleed so he’s considered a gunslinger while jameis is considered a bad qb.

    Lord Dyson

    Who don’t throw pick Brett threw a bunch he a goat

    Ron Class

    Not true! If you looked at the stats, Jameis Winston could be THE BEST QB if he cut his turnovers down to a 1 turnover to 4 TD ratio. And that WILL happen if the Bucs ever get a running game that averages over 4 yards per a carry and rushes for 100+ yards per a game more often. Jameis is already a good QB.

Dylan S.

Jameis isn’t allowed to play good until he throw 2 picks. That’s the rule

    leroy moore

    Crazy but I think 🤔 ur on to something


    Lmaooo pure gunslinger mentality

DeJuan B

Jameis was in danger of losing his job but he’s caught fire 🔥



Mango Masher

Imagine throwing 3 picks and still have an amazing day


    i could imagine it…jameis couldn’t

    Steven Skeens

    He’s definitely resilient.



Gabe Cayet

For all you Winston haters! That’s what his 8 or 9 300+ yard game of this season!?


I think a better title is “colts defense”


He is a gunslinger!!! That’s what gunslingers do. Nobody complained when Brett Farve or Joe Namath threw 1000 picks. Jameis isn’t a Farve or Namath. But he is a gunslinger



Adhy Nugroho

Winston torching defenses….

… that definitely wasn’t in the script.


Jameis has the potential to be great. Good luck to him. He will stay in this league a long time as a starter or a backup. Too skilled not to be in the league with all the trash quarterbacks. If Phillip Rivers can stay on 1 team for all these years and not win nothing then Jameis deserves the same.




Great 2nd half 👏👏👏 never give up.

Ron Class

That 3rd and 10 throw to Watson was the play of the game. Jameis Winston is my QB. Go Bucs!

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