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Baltimore, Maryland Bird Teams own the NFL

From a Ravens fan you guys would be idiots to not go with this man going forward.
He has potential to be a legendary HOF QB.
Just fix that int issue n you easily a top 2 offense.

    Everton Harvey

    Jay Els He still throws games away too, just like yesterday, he’s literally the best and worst QB in the NFL at the same time, we need a QB that’s just consistently good.

    Jay Els

    Everton Harvey did he put them in a position to win yesterday.

    Wayne Snell

    @Everton Harvey Exactly. I would take a QB with 2,500 yards, 20 TD’s, 10 int. over this disaster any day.

    Wayne Snell

    @Jay Els He puts them in a position to lose every game with his turnovers. Trying to come back after chucking pick 6’s is NOT a winning formula.

    Jay Els

    Wayne Snell this defense Winston has had over the year can’t win with a check down throw away and punt kinda qb

jason liell

Winston is a great Qb once he stops throwing those picks then he would be a great qb

    Q Kellz

    Lol u can say that about any QB that has ints problems

    Wayne Snell

    @YBOR Rob INJUSTICE Watch Florida Accountability The “other than that” makes him one of the worst.

    YBOR Rob INJUSTICE Watch Florida Accountability

    @Wayne Snell just stop…lol….doesn’t effect me

    Dat Onekid

    Don’t worry guys every year Jameis will throw one less interception 30 more years guys! Then he will be the next Brett Favre

    Hardwork1994 !

    I will give him credit
    He has potential to be great and he hasn’t gotten shell shocked after all his turnovers
    A lot of qbs will get it in their head but he hasn’t
    If he can get these interceptions out of his game he would be great
    I haven’t watched the bucs so idk what their offense is like but if they are extremely pass heavy and don’t have a great balance then of course there’s gonna be more interceptions because you’re throwing the ball more
    I never root for anyone to fail so I hope Winston can fix his issues

brandon Williams

bro you only looked at cam brate on that play every defender knew where you were going!

    Matthew Elmore

    brandon Williams you couldn’t throw to anyone else other than Perriman or Brate because there’s no guarantee they would create enough space or run the right route

    brandon Williams

    @Matthew Elmore , he didn’t look anywhere else, check film

    Joshua Wright

    @brandon Williams ball got tipped either way my Colts need a quarterback

    Michael DiVito

    The visor helped the last 6 games in ’18 up to this season, it just needs to be tinted more. Those bug eyes are a dead give away.

    Byron Jones

    Yeah Debo followed that ball for the 6.

George Williams

You can tell by BA’s interview and Winston’s interview today that it’s over. Jaimes has to go. I wish him luck on another team.

    YBOR Rob INJUSTICE Watch Florida Accountability

    He needs to stay….one year to see if he fixes his focus down field

    Jonathan Neal

    Change isn’t always a bad thing

    ATL 1

    Yeah, draft a rookie.

Levi Harrison

Still my qb


    amen 🙏

    ATL 1

    He is the league’s QB. He is going to throw TDs either way.

jeff goodrich

Dude needs to do a lot of work this offseason

Jay Els

Keep throwing and balling. Folks will talk bout your one negative but won’t say anything about your positives or what the team lacked.

Folks will argue he only has those yards and tds cause he throws so much but won’t say he throws those ints cause he throws so much.

And Bucs have the sorriest fans I’ve ever seen.

    NMS Cafe Ka-Tet

    @Tj Tillman Defense played great until they were up by 6 and proceeded to not be able to make one stop… Just one stop when it was needed

    EZ Money

    @Tony G factz!

    Kent Jackson

    Brett Favre throws 29 ints in 05 season & never had a 5k yard season he’s arguably the goat yet Jameis does one more int then him in a season but more yards & Tds people says he’s trash not to mention Brett Favre had numerous 20 plus pic season though out his career .. I get it yea can’t turn the ball over like that but a lot of those games the ints wasn’t the only factor why Bucs lose 🤷🏾‍♂️j/s on that note I’m good either way if we keep him or don’t but if we don’t better not take a step backwards cause our Defense isn’t built to win games with a check down style QBs

    Chris Coleman

    Jay Els YOU KNOW WHAT IM HERE FOR…. 30 interceptions 😭

Shawn Proctor

It’s either franchise tag or bye bye. The last 2 games didn’t help the franchise route.


Get him the darkest Visor in store. We can’t have his eyes be the reason we don’t win a SB.

    Edward Bennett

    It’s time to give up on him

    Goku Black savage

    @Edward Bennett maybe you should find another team if you think so. 5k passing yards and 30tds.

    Aaron Simpson

    Goku Black savage
    Ya let’s casually forget the 8th most interceptions sure😂

LRW 813to404

I love Jameis Winston, but I swear, we might have to get rid of him soon. He throws too many interceptions. That totals up to 30 pics for the season, tied for 8th most in NFL history.
Granted, although he’s #1 in passing yards and #2 in TD passes, he’s not reliable.

    Matthew Elmore

    LRW 813to404 this almost seems like a Doug Williams or Vinny Testaverde 2.0

    charles montgomery

    Wouldn’t you want to see if 30 interceptions were a fluke before you get rid of him?

Mvk Angel

Love Jameis but you could tell from this interview that he knows he’s done in Tampa and I hope whatever team he goes to he’s gonna ball out

    NMS Cafe Ka-Tet

    @Everton Harvey Perriman was considered a bust in the NFL, a first round pick for the Ravens, he’s never looked better than with Jameis. You’re right it’s possible he improved, but the fact remains he looked like a pro bowl WR with Jameis yet a journeyman at best elsewhere

    Everton Harvey

    NMS Cafe Ka-Tet If he goes elsewhere rn he’ll ball if you can throw the deepball, I wonder where was this deepball accuracy when D-jack was on the team and was open down the field like 80% of the time🤔

    NMS Cafe Ka-Tet

    @Everton Harvey I think you answered your question, because the issue was Djax. He’s been throwing the deep ball no problem to Evans, Godwin or Perriman. There were off field issues between them, I think they brought them to the field


    Tampa is done with him!

    Everton Harvey

    NMS Cafe Ka-Tet Jameis got the more overthrown passes ever since he joined the league, the problem isn’t just with D-jax


Franchise tag and draft another qb

Fabo Johnson

Just gotta fix it ……. Is his favorite thing to say been saying that since he was a rookie


    @407Khmer it wasn’t straight to the defender the tight end sat on his route instead of coming back to the ball. It was first down he didn’t need the field position that’s why he didn’t make the tackle he was ready to run with out the ball.


    Twixxxrlw3 first it was an OL fault and now it a TE fault who fault next? All 30 int was not Jameis fault? The coach said it best “you don’t throw the ball when your man are covered he was covered” that exactly what Jameis did throughout his career. A good QB would correct those mistake improved each year a bad QB would continued this mistake then give excuses every time


    Twixxxrlw3 if the Bucs replace Jameis Winston with a veteran QB then added a safety I guarantee you they will make the playoffs


    @407Khmer didn’t they try that last year? When your best player on the field is dropping passes and the ball being tipped at the line how do you blame that on the qb? If the pass in the back of the endzone was picked you’d cry about that hindsight being 20/20 it was an amazing catch so yay we’re happy.

    Robby Adams

    I want him to say “Thanks Bucs for 5 years. I enjoyed it.”

Matthew Elmore

I would like to see Winston go to another team and have a fresh start. It’s gotten to the point where he’s been the scapegoat for an organization’s troubles that have extended far before when Winston was drafted. Would be interested in a Carr for Winston swap — Raiders have the running game and defense to compensate for the variability in Winston’s game


    We’ll pass on Carr!!!

    Q Kellz

    Lol Carr would do much better than Winston and plus he’s proved he can at least take his team too the playoffs


    @Q Kellz Sure, that is why Gruden wants to get rid of him. I guess you have not seen to many Raiders games.

    G G

    Foh , winston is a lifetime Buc

The Red Pearl

I think he will get it together this offseason. In his first year with a great coach finally. He threw 5000 yards. Also threw the most interceptions ever. It was a heart breaking season from the other seasons with Winston but I really think he’s a future ring of honor buccaneer and potential hall of famer. With arians I hope he can cut the interceptions to 10 or less. He can do it! Prove a lot of ppl wrong jameis you would be a star on other teams. Sign him glazers!


    The Red Pearl I agree and I BelieveBA Believe in him and will keep him around.


If Jameis just cuts his INTs in half, this team can win 10+ games

    Q Kellz

    I disagree we have had 5 years too see he can’t 5 years bruh

    Charles Cooks

    only reason he only had 15 interceptions last season is him and Fitzpatrick were swapping starting spots a lot of games

    Kevin Suarez

    Q Kellz name his successor then… who???

    Dakota Corvin

    Yeah y’all said that last year too.

    Everton Harvey

    Kevin Suarez We can draft a O-line in the 1st, then draft Fromm or Eason in the 2nd, and either keep Winston too or sign a vet QB.

Dolls Bill

Ray Charles Winston ain’t it again

Quinn Maxfield

This dude talking crazy even with all things he had done but u can’t over looking his mistake he been doing 4 the last 5 yrs

Donyell McGee

30 TD’s & 30 INT’s
That’ll be a perfect documentary for ESPN’s 30 for 30!

    Ty Wilson

    *33 touchdowns how about getting your facts straight before you comment. More importantly stop letting the media feed you false information.

    Kyle Sippel

    @Ty Wilson so true…..actually 34 tds if you include his rushing touchdown


“Gotta get better” is the best drinking game lol. That’s 7 shots in 8 minutes!!!

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