Bruce Arians on Evaluating Jameis Winston & Loss to Falcons | Press Conference – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Jack Whitehead

Who else has literally no idea what to think going into the offseason


@ he wants 30 mill 😂😂😩


    rocko17171717 its a little bit for a starter qb
    But in how many years?

    Devonta Draper

    I would give him 1 final year fix the run game because its horrible land one of the top backs in the draft and if jameis under performs in 2020 then i’d find someone else we neee to see how jameis can do with a run game 🤷‍♂️

    Kevin Ibarra

    rocko17171717 false report

Kent Jackson

Why we always get BS pi calls against us

Seargent AR-10

30 likes, 30 interceptions

    Edward Kitchens

    What we going to do sergeant ar 10 cut down half them picks and we in playoffs easily

    Seargent AR-10

    @Edward Kitchens The dude hasn’t fixed this problem over 5 years. It’s ridiculous.

L. Hunt

That OT interception was also the kickers fault… boy stop.


    There shouldn’t even been a OT. Blame the kicker

Tastyquicksand - #DailyNFLVideos

Bruce Arians is going to keep him. He has too much pride in his book he wrote (The Quarterback Whisper.”

Matthew Peyton

Also what a terrible call on roughing passer which cost points

Ryan Flanagan



Jameis… bruh I had faith in you ALL YEAR until that game ending INT.. how fitting that was to end the season on a record setting INT…

    Mr Ambition

    He has to go 🤨

Gabe Torres

Jameis first pass as a buc: pick 6. Jameis potential last buccaneers pass: pick 6

    Big Texas

    Gabe Torres too funny😂


Bruce do not let your ego decide where Winston should be at the end of the season. “QB whisper”


1st play of overtime: Winston had Jones for a check down on the left. Bruce needs to show him how to pump fake. 33 Td’s over 5000 yards.
Brett Favre year year 6 of his career 20 TD’s 29 Int’s 3881 yards 70.9 QB rating.

Shamir Qureshi

Bruce Arians said: “been great all year” to the media right before he left. What a class act. Never heard a coach say that to the media before…

Brandon Williams


Stan ezen

Respect for Bruce

Stan ezen

That 30 for 30 episode about to be fire 😂🤣😂


The fan base once again lost us another season great job !

Eli Navy

I’m more than happy with Tua Tannehill or Bridgewater

Edward Kitchens

Its sad to say but when he threw that interception i wasnt even surprised or mad he went out just like the season has been Bruce Da God Got to make a Decision

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