‘It’s an honor and a privilege’: Courtland Sutton reacts to being named to first Pro Bowl – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Papa Smurf

I don’t know why he wasn’t in the pro bowl already

Packer Power

The rest of the AFC West has good offenses, but this offense is terrible.


    Lol. You tried.

    Tom Tom

    Imagine being a Packers fan. And the Chargers don’t have a good offense.

    Chunga Punk

    Do you just comment on the broncos videos talking trash?? Seems like your fan with your dedication to getting on every video, btw good luck being straight garbage after aaron Rodgers leaves 😂😂

    Good Morning Y’all

    At least we have a prowbowler life stfu nerd

    MarioYT -Games

    The offense is full of young talent, you only believe what you see. We had a bad record because of our couching staff.

Talon Elder

I got a Pro bowlers gloves

Evan Sebestyen

Stutton god

- -

Sutton really should have been in the pro bowl in the first place

Bronco Nation

Courtland Sutton is a beast.

Kathleen Henderson

So happy for Courtland Sutton! He deserves to be in the Pro Bowl! This will be the first of many Pro Bowl appearances, except when the Bronco’s go back to the Super Bowl.

Marcos Gallardo

ehhh he got lucky because someone else couldn’t play probably

    Uso Penitentiary

    Marcos Gallardo he got lucky? It shouldn’t have came down to that anyway. Tyreek Hill in no way should’ve even have been voted into the pro bowl with him missing games. It’s a popularity contest and Courtland wasn’t as popular as the guys in front of him. Even Parker from Miami deserved it more than Hill


    Marcos Gallardo he deserves to be in the pro bowl

    Marcos Gallardo

    7-8 yeah right like Emmanuel sanders said ” kid not ready yet”


    Marcos Gallardo shut up don’t talk till next year u know nothing kid


    Marcos Gallardo you’re a troll and probably live with your mom

Broncos Stampede

We Just Keep Sending Our Young Guys To The Pro Bowl In 2 Years!!!! First It Was Phillip Lindsay..Now Courtland Sutton…Next Drew Lock And Noah Fant….P.S Get Courtland Mic’d Up At The Pro Bowl Asking Questions!!!…WE NEED THAT CONTENT!

    Sam Bradfield

    and Risner

Ron Radliff

I love his attitude. Going to pick the brains of both offense and defense.

Jesse Williams

I’m glad Courtland Sutton made the pro bowl, he deserves it.


They’re going to draft are much needed #2 wr to help you out very soon!


    Merlow ruggs iii 🙏🏽


Congratulations Court!!! You deserve to be there!!

Good Morning Y’all

Courtland Sutton lets gooo!!



Binx Negale

Late or never He definitely deserves it. Broncos country baby.


Man we got an awesome group of young guys.

The Discussion

Courtland Sutton had a higher YPC than Tyreek Hill. Think about that.

Chris Alejandre

Congratulations big dog! Well deserved

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