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Instant Reax: C/G Josh Myers

Wes Hodkiewicz and Larry McCarren react to the Packers' selection of C/G Josh Myers in the second round of the 2021 NFL Draft.

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Aaron Eidahl

Gonna fill in great on the O-Line! GPG, get some playmakers now

Timothy Anderson

Fire everyone

    Killer Champion

    Smh we needed this and we got a wr


Fills a need, should be able to start almost immediately, and should be at least decent. GO PACK GO

CM Mixes

Great pick!

Dylan B

Didnt they get o line last year?

    Killer Champion

    Not really a-rod got sacked so many times

    tae johnson

    They did, they drafted 3 in the 6th round. And Rodgers only got sacked 20 times this past season which is one of the lowest sack rates in the league. O-LINE was solid.


    @tae johnson I think that was the best in his career. D bak was just hurt in that final game that’s why we got hurt a lot

    Dylan B

    @tae johnson huh. So they drafted this guy to encourage him to play angry and scared he will be replaced. Its 2033. The green bay packers start 11 qbs and 11 linebackers. The rest of the roster are linebackers and qb. Everyday they live in fear of slipping down the depth chart so they play better. Lololol

Greg G

First rd they left better CB’s on the board then second round they take the third best center on the board. Left a pro bowl C go for nothing. No wonder why rodgers wants to leave.

Cael Stricker

Why did we need a center

    Dustin All Day

    Because we lost are’s in free agency


    lol casual

    Cael Stricker


Cael Stricker

We should get a wide receiver

    Dustin All Day

    We did 👍

Kristian Nivar

Packers need to pick Amon st Browns he’s a gem we have 7 picks tomorrow


As a Wisconsinite – Guntenkaschnoontz will be fired in 3-4yrs and GB will spend 20-30yrs looking for a HOF QB and S.B. Rodgers’ll be fine, go win another S.B. ANYWHERE else.


Josh Myers:

MENACING ゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴ

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