Stokes 1-on-1: ‘On The Field, You’re Gonna Get A Dog’ – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Alex Ya boy Ally G

Let’s gooo


Byron Goontenschnmooountz! & GB spends the NEXT 20-30yrs looking for a HOF QB….(?)

Eterna1 Reap3r



Great pick to fill in a dire need on the Defense.

    Cole Train

    I just don’t understand why we resigned king

    sojirou makairyu

    @Cole Train you rather Sullivan back there? 🤣🤣

    Henrik BTW

    @sojirou makairyu yes..?


    @Cole Train Honestly, outside of Jaire our corners are so bad. Kevin King is trash, but a lot better than our other corners.


    @Cole Train We have 2 other corners on their last year of the contract, who are even worse, so we kind of had to.

aaron berhane

Great move hopefully draft some more help on the d line


Can’t wait for your first pick 6 and Lambeau Leap , the house will go nuts and suddenly become yours 😁👍

    Adventures with H-Bomb

    Exactly, Exactly!! Nicely put!


    For a second I was prepared to bandwagon Aaron Rodgers

Josh LLC

Love this pick.. lets go pack !! stokes looks like a future pro bowler

M E Walter

Sure hope the defense can’t shutout everyone because without Rodgers they won’t stand a chance.


    “Can’t” shut out everyone? Did you mean “can” shut out everyone?


    That would be a historic defense of epic proportions. I dont think it needs to be that great to take us to the superbowl without him.

    AlmightyyPack 1

    Who your team?


    @AlmightyyPack 1 Who askin

Robert Witt

Man letssss gooooooo!!!

Bout It

Just pay Aaron already. Come on why are y’all even doing this to begin with

Pack 1

Love the pick! Stokes is a dog man.

Donald Grafwallner

Can’t wait to watch him live Go Pack Go

Hey, Wanna Play?

Warm welcome to GB now do your job right show K.King he needs to learn from you


But I wanted a cornerback not a dog.

Adventures with H-Bomb

Love this guy already!! Welcome friend!

Immanuel Walden

Y’all gone get a dog, bulldog.

Quintin Reckard

Dudes got the right mentality to be a duo with JAmoney


Hopefully he can play QB LOL

Corey Evans

Stokes go fast

Jake Ramaker

Ruf ruf

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