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Instant Reaction – Round 1: Bills Select Miami DE Gregory Rousseau

Maddy Glab and Chris Brown reacted to the Bills selection of the Miami DE Gregory Rousseau in the first round of the NFL Draft. Hurricanes head football coach Manny Diaz joined them as well to talk about his former player and the impact he will have in Buffalo.

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Welcome to Buffalo and just in time for a Super Bowl.

    John Thompson


    Billievers Talk

    dunno how much playing time he will see in 2021, maybe be a rotational piece.

John Drolet

Prop Bet Alert: Greg Rousseau Catches a TD for the Bills THIS Season

    Enrico Pallazzo

    @RichHomieCor so he’s tall. This ain’t basketball dude. Hope I’m wrong but one year of production, didn’t love football enough to play last year + tall skinny dude equals getting manhandled at the LOS usually. We were in the conference championship last year, one game from the promised land. Drafting a project doesn’t help us this year at all. Wasted pick. He looks like a CB cause of how skinny he looks.

    Desperation Mullet

    @Enrico Pallazzo the dude had 16 sacks in 2019??? Show me a corner with 16 sacks

    Paul Hilburger


    Enrico Pallazzo

    @Desperation Mullet they were either coverage sacks cause they had great DBs or you’d have to look at who he was playing next to. Everyone’s got an opinion. I think this was a completely wasted pick especially considering we needed pass rush, tight end and running back help immediately to make a bowl run. This kid MIGHT eventually years down the road start. But it’s pretty much guaranteed he won’t contribute this year. And that was two years ago he got 15 1/2 sacks. Couldn’t be bothered to play the game last year or even show up to his own pro day in decent shape. But yeah, by all means write him in as the new Bruce

    Desperation Mullet

    @Enrico Pallazzo “next Bruce” haha I don’t love the pick I wanted the FSU corner Samuel but I don’t get paid to make those decisions.I’m not gonna hate on the kids decisions bout not playing what the hell was Miami doing for him?? THE BILLS ARE PAYING HIM NOW He also is a hard worker he graduated high school early to work on the position switch STOP BEING A HATER and give the kid a chance

Sam burrell

Super Excited after hearing all this and seeing the tape! Trust the process Beane is a GENIUS

Doug Barber

Shrewd move Beane. Get an end that was once a receiver. Hit the lab and come out with a possible TE. Remember Jason Peters was a TE before the Bills turned him into an all-pro tackle. If not he should be a Mario Williams type player for Buffalo. Go Bills!

    Enrico Pallazzo

    Jim mcnally turned peters into a pro bowl tackle. He’s not here anymore. Last thing we needed one game away from the bowl was a project player

    The Ruiner

    Your take is incredibly confusing.

Sasha Benner

Dedication to the hosts of the show. 1am and ready for tomorrow? Woo hop! Let’s go Buffalo!

    Billievers Talk

    they deserve so much credit

Chris Delagarza

Well we’ll well

How the tables have turned……
We got a fast guy on the defensive line that should blow up some plays

    Billievers Talk

    I like the fact that he is fast…still wonder what Beane’s board looked like and where Rousseau fit in there.

Erica & Nate

The last time we drafted a one year wonder at DE was aaron FREAKING maybin!!! At least he’s 6’2 238 lbs like maybin and ppl are saying they were coverage sacks… Get me 15 coverage sacks n I’ll be happy with that!!! Smh fools, this guy would have been a top 5 pick last year n we got him at 30 👍👍👍

    Sol Glo

    EXACTLY. I’m pleased with the decision making. They know what they’re doing.

    hail Kozakistan

    Watch Rosseu’s highlights. You will feel much better. Dude is close to 6’7 and has an almost 12′ hand length. If he gets his grubby mitts on you, it’s a tackle. This guy’s has loads of potential

Bills News Consolidated

Our version of Julius Peppers 🔥

    Anton McAllister

    I guess .. But bot as fast

    Billievers Talk

    dunno if he has that type of potential

Grainger Thomas H.N.

Welcome to Buffalo! EDGE , pass rusher we needed , makes sense McBeane

    Grainger Thomas H.N.

    Have to admit , I think we might have taken Stokes if he were still there tbh

Sol Glo

I hope he uses the doubt from all the naysayers as fuel to come out and show them exactly why Beane wanted him. I BILLieve

hail Kozakistan

Jerry Hughes not on the team….. I don’t want to think about it 🥺

Eugene Poon

Confused about the timing/release of this video
6:10 “Best available cornerbacks” include Stokes and Newsome who were already drafted ahead of Rousseau?

Philly Scorpio

Chris Brown said in 2019, there was only 2 player’s that had 15 sacks or more…1 was Chase Young & the other was Greg Rousseau … Chase had 16.5 & Greg had 15.5

Crazy! Let that sink in…

Jose R

Hey Gregory, you took my Bday. Im very excited about this pick, welcome to Buffalo Greg.


    same here, a pick like that was a nice birthday present for me I’d say.

Paul Hilburger

This kid could easily bulk up to 280


How about some spot duty at TE. With that length, wow.

Biggie Scooby

I love a dude who has size and likes getting after it. His demeanor of always smiling and enjoying the game makes me think he’s gonna be 🔥 off the line.

    Andrew Newman

    Wait until you see his reach in action. The man can reach across what seems like a quarter if the field to grab a qb by the ankle.

    Andrew Newman

    Wait until you see his reach in action. The man can reach across what seems like a quarter if the field to grab a qb by the ankle.

    Andrew Newman

    Wait until you see his reach in action. The man can reach across what seems like a quarter if the field to grab a qb by the ankle.

London Stackhouse

We need a DE got one 2021 Gregory welcome to Buffalo family forever we need sacks

Robert Field

Bruuuuce Smith had the strongest hands EVER.

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