Brandon Beane After First Round of NFL Draft! | Buffalo Bills – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Brandon Beane After First Round of NFL Draft! | Buffalo Bills

Buffalo Bills General Manager Brandon Beane addressed the media following the Bills' pick of defensive end Gregory Rousseau in the first round of the 2021 NFL Draft.

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JK Robbins

Thought we’d pick Barmore 100%… was so surprised he was there. Hopefully Rosseau pans out

    Michael Stover

    Bar more? Lol 😆

    Most Toxic

    Alim McNeal is our DT

    Johnny Utah

    @Most Toxic him or togai

    William Allard

    @Johnny Utah yah man Jeez

    Jenna B

    @William Allard crazy part about that is he didn’t know much about the position at the time, imagine him after getting the right training and coaching

Adam Jellani

If he would of played last year and got around 12-13 sacks after getting 15 1/2 in 2019, he would of been a top 15 pick for sure! I like the pick!

    Mirror Cone

    I agree

Trent Maurer

Anyone questioning the pick, just listen to Beane’s responses. Rousseau has all the upside, is only 21, and will have time to develop behind Hughes and Addison. Love the pick🔥

    Charles Rupp

    Ya, and if he had played this year or been drafted last year he wouldve been a top 10-15 pick.

John Marlow

If this guy is just half the pass rusher Julius peppers was, we will be good 👍

    Cody Phinney

    He’ll be good. Only thing i disagree with, how BBB said keep him around that 260lb range? I think he should be around 275! A 275 pound, 6’7 DE is a MOUNTAIN of a man! Now, just need that 3 Tech DT to take over for Star, then our DLine looking GOOD! Beane NOW needs to CUT/TRADE addison. Take that 10mill we’ll save, and go sign Richard Sherman. But, in the 2nd, wanna see Beane TRADE UP for A.Samuel JR! Idc if it costs Next years 2nd (as long as not our 1st) but, Get Samuel! CB & DE are BIGGEST NEEDS! Then we need a G. We get CB/DE/G all in first 3 rounds, thats a win for this draft! We were a CB and G away from SuperBowl last year. Beane NEEDS TO RISK IT ALL THIS YEAR, trade away assets, do what ya gotta do, but DAMNIT WIN THAT LOMBARDI, never been SO CLOSE!!!

    John Marlow

    @Cody Phinney I agree, just would sacrifice a 5th and some pick next year to move to 2 and get Samuel. I thought we’d trade back and or get Samuel last night. But now the funnest part of the draft starts, and should be good to the early mid 5th round. I’m crossing fingers for Samuel, a guard, and a decent te. If we can get 4 to 5 good players this draft we will be hard to beat


This McBeane regime never lets me down

Daniel Hughson

I’d be fine if we picked all defense this year


    Right anyone thinking we should have went RB is dumb . Especially with the the offense we run . We’re a pass heavy team. RB makes no sense

    Chad Simmons

    4.5+ ypc for both Motor and Moss. Plus we added Breida. We don’t even need to pretend to look at RB.


    @JefffTurtles we have like 10 RBs lmao


    @Exx Daxy I’m not pleased with Motor’s performance during playoffs and I’m far from a fake fan. And we don’t know how long Matt is gonna stay with his 1 year deal. It won’t hurt to draft Javian Hawkins 5th round though.

    Charles Mayzak


Buffalo Brando

No pressure on Greg unlike most first round picks

Steph James

The Bills put a lot of draft capital into Phillips, Johnson, Oliver, Epenesa and Rousseau. Time will tell.

    Jacob Couvutsakis

    I mean, getting to the QB is what we’ve struggled with the most these past few years. but it seems they’ve drafted him because he has the upside of a top 5 pass rusher which is really what this team is lacking. we’ve got a bunch of rotational guys and a guy in ed Oliver who can hopefully move back into the 3tech spot and become more dominant there. in our two games, we weren’t able to stop the chiefs one bit, and the best way to do that is 4 man pressure. it does seem like they love drafting these project guys who aren’t polished but have the intangibles, so time will definitely take awhile to tell us about a lot of our young guys.

    Samuel Young

    Draft what u need…. doesnt matter who u drafted last year or the year before

Chris Delagarza

This guy will blow up a lot of plays for us.

Bills News Consolidated

God is watching over Buffalo… Stars have aligned since McDermott and Beane showed up !

Ryan Lacey

It’s crazy all the keyboard GMs in these comments…. In Beane we trust


    facts man, we read mock drafts for 20 minutes per day, these guys study for weeks. In Beane we Trust!!

Dirty Randy

Tbh, I’ve never heard of this kid..
But I trust the process 100%
Can’t wait to see what they saw!!!

    Dee Force Gaming

    he’s a beast


    He was mocked to us many times

Smith Carson

Call Bruce Smith in to teach him about DE tactics. 🤷🏿‍♂️

    Gabe BRO

    Hey that’s actually not a bad idea, learning from the best DE of all time

Jose R

Im very excited about this pick.

Michael Panuccio

Love this pick so happy he have a great GM and a amazing coach go bills can’t wait to get a steal in round 2

Cody Phinney

Pause it at 15:38 Big Baller Beane is ready to WRECK that Interviewer😂😂

Nathan James

The battered Bills fan syndrome after this pick lol TRUST THE PROCESS YALL! This young man has a truck load of potential and we have the staff and team mentality to make him great. Get excited!


Love this pick.

Bob Siyt

Was really hoping for Etienne – damn you, Jags! This guy is going to take a year or two before he can be an effective player. This team is ready to win now. I’m torn on this pick… but don’t hate it Bc he has tremendous potential

Robert Field

Hope he’s not another Maybin, one year wonder.

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