How Will Jets Offense Look Under OC Mike LaFleur? | Official Jets Podcast | NFL – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

How Will Jets Offense Look Under OC Mike LaFleur? | Official Jets Podcast | NFL

Hosts Ethan Greenberg and Eric Allen are joined by 49ers Insider for NBC Sports Bay Area Matt Maiocco to discuss new offensive coordinator Mike LaFleur. Maiocco talks about LaFleur's role with the 49ers (3:21), the system he'll run in New York and the types of players he'll want (8:38), his supporting cast with the Jets including DC Jeff Ulbrich and HC Robert Saleh (16:23). Maiocco also projects potential 49ers with expiring contracts who would be a good fit for the Jets (23:00).

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LyleTheEgg Reply

It will look better than what Gase had by miles

The E Empire Reply

Matt o leary jets talk and green bean and jets central and all the good jets YouTubers gets more views @mattoleary @jetstalk24/7 @greenbean @jetscentral

    Bankroll Niles Reply

    and jetscentral

Neal Graham Reply

I am hoping he does great.

When I am listening to this, this system screams a great fit for Justin Fields especially with what he did with Ohio State.

    Neal Graham Reply

    @Calvin Wright well I would like to keep Sam but odds are they may not. If Sam is not good this year, the upcoming QB class is concerning. The only good one available would be Sam Howell from NC. We would at least two years for the next QB option

    Calvin Wright Reply

    It just concerns me that we finally get a QB with potential and surrounded him with nothing to work with from a coaching standpoint or talent wise…the guy was doomed once his name was said at 3 smh..think about every offensive roster he’s had..guy had no weapons no oline no good coaching.

    Neal Graham Reply

    @Calvin Wright I agree but that was a decision that has Christopher Johnson’s hands all over it. We had a shot at Matt Rhule and we would be having a completely different discussion about Sam.

    david jamal Reply

    @Calvin Wright Agreed however talent shows up. Although the Chiefs lost the SB there was no question about his skill level.

    Sam was under throwing and missing wide open receivers.

    He couldn’t get past his first read.

    Texans were a bad team last yr but there was no question about Watsons skill. It was on full display.

    Cant say the same for Sam.

    jason rose Reply

    @david jamal i’m not sure why people are so afraid to move on from Sam

Blunted Vegas702 Reply

Please, no Russell Wilson..we don’t need another diva.
We have suffered long enough (Jets fans) we want a solid rebuild, not expensive superstars with inflated egos.

salmanjets718 Reply

Bubble screen on 3rd & 21. HB straight up the gut. That’s what I’m used to now. So yea.

John Holton Reply

WE better have a 1000 yard rusher this year. Last time we had a 1000 yard rusher was only 1070 yards from Chris Ivory in 2015… No wonder we can’t win. Not running the ball and have not had a legit passer since pennington. (i don’t count favre and him throwing end of the season so he could go to vikings).

Vinny B Reply

Fields!! Get this man into this offense please perfect fit

David Gerard Reply

Very different feeling than gase and gregg williams lol what a complete 180 this is

Jet Life Reply

Darnold will be the QB?!?

Ciaran Doyle Reply


Jet Life Reply

Niners 2019 – 2nd overall pick
Jets 2021- 2nd overall pick
Super bowl Bound ! 😂

Mahbeezu Zabyux Reply

“It’s gonna look a lot like Gase’s system, only… you know… GOOD.”

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