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Mellow Hype

They won because they had more points

    Melvin White

    Dany Ajmo

    49ers are for real though

    Lukeson Drölf

    Thank you, john madden!

    You know where I like it...

    Damn! Where’s the spoiler alert? No point in watching the video now, thanks for ruining it.


    @Darius Alexander Not true…Saints are not going to the SB and will get beaten convincingly if they come to Santa Clara…you read it here first.

Evil Knight

Good Game Niners! -Saints Fan

    Adam AB Burkett

    Great game, congrats and I appreciate the sportsmanship bro.. Good luck and hope we meet again!

    Chris Gonzalez

    Hats off to the Saints great game


    Epic game, one for the ages. I lost about 5 years off my life span lol but it was exciting from start to finish. We shall meet again I’m sure.

    iDaRkSaVaGe- !!!!

    Me too saints fan GG’s to the 9ers tho

Matthew Kim

This gave me more heart attacks than the Seahawks/49ers game

    Charlie Horse

    @Adam AB Burkett much love, great game. Hope to see u guys in the championship game. Round 2 ding ding..


    @El650Jefe Seahawks vs Niners was more interesting to watch if you like defense, this one was more interesting if you like offense.

    Shogun Ozzy

    Matthew Kim no way. That Seattle game was by far the craziest. That overtime shootout was the best

Djibson DaSilva

I give props to the kicker. All eyes were on him. Why kickers barely get recognized however mostly when the game’s on the line, the whole team and fans depend on them?


    Djibson DaSilva

    @anthony dillard yeah he’s a beast.

    Djibson DaSilva

    @solider of the apocalypse yeah but too bad that’s sports. Anything can happen on any given Sunday.


    Chollingsworth almost doesn’t count.

    Chaos gaming

    anthony dillard Gould is a top 5 kicker of all time lol. He is fine.

Mr. diesel

Coming from a Saints fan good win for Sam Francisco respect

    Gabe Dixon

    @D.I.Y.Engineering4U you sound salty asf bro just accept the loss, hopefully a playoff rematch (iF y’AlL mAkE iT)


    @D.I.Y.Engineering4U Saints are not going to the SB (you read it here first) but I would love the 49ers to smack them more thoroughly in Santa Clara come playoff time.


    @Ret1173 ya’ll not getting home advantage. We finna be top seed. Ya’ll just need to lose ya’ll games then we get top seed. So better hope that ya’ll win ya’ll games.


“Just their schedule”


    Practice with a easy schedule makes perfect I guess

Darrell Covello

3:07 RIP that poor guy’s leg 😂

    Jonny English

    You can tell the guy is a right winger because a leftie would have started crying and pressed charges of assault.

Charlie Horse

Harris needs to grab them legs instead of just trying to knock the receiver down.

    Current Batches

    Sherman admitted in his presser that the D fell down on the job; bad tackling most all day.

    Charlie Horse

    @Current Batches yeah he did, and that’s the thing I like about Sherman, he will voice his opinion.


kittle with the ball is like thanos vs the avengers and guardians


    but thanos ended up dying and most of his damage was undone

    William Wright

    @Adam AB Burkettnope gronk best



    The Sentinel

    Kittle with the ball is really more of Thanos with a completed Infinity Gauntlet about to snap the saints victory away.

    Jonny English

    Or a pack of Lions trying to take down an Buffalo.

Haitham Mohammed

Sad loss! Still the playoffs are coming, and it ain’t over yet for the Saints.


    @iDaRkSaVaGe- !!!! Won’t happen…Saints are not going to the SB.

    iDaRkSaVaGe- !!!!

    @Ret1173tf you gonna tell me watch I bet your a patriots fan aren’t you


    @iDaRkSaVaGe- !!!! Nope, not a Pats fan but the Saints are STILL not going to the SB….mark my words.

    iDaRkSaVaGe- !!!!

    @Ret1173 ok man doubt the saints and they will prove the haters wrong

    Adrian Martinez

    @iDaRkSaVaGe- !!!! See you guys In santa clara!

tejash patel

When defense takes a day off from the both sides 😂

    Soap A

    tejash patel Nah it was just extraordinary offense. Don’t forget those two game deciding stops on 2 2pt conversions by the niners

Kaepernick Jae

Williams was holding on to Kittle’s facemask for dear life

    The InvictusSamaritan

    Kaepernick Jae it looked to me like Williams got one of his fingers stuck on his face mask, it looks like he’s trying to pull his fingers out of his mask not him putting his fingers in the face mask.

    Brad Bunker

    I think once he had it and knew there would be a flag he just decided at that point he has to hold on

    Jonathan Lund

    Speaks volumes when you have to result to a penalty to take a man down.


    Of course….same old dirty ‘aints!!

My Dogs Best Fren

yo at 5:53 George takes 3 Saints and falls forward 5 more yards out the double suplex. Phenomenal

    Shane Riley

    It’s a reverse DDT


That feeling when you’re team is about to lose if they dont convert a 4th down and then not only do they convert, your star player beasted his way into FG range.

    Mason McConnell

    dude all i was saying when watching it at the bar with some buddys and a few saints fans was like i hope you guys get to feel what its like to lose with 3 secs left lol cause i cant take that for a third time needless to say they were like yeah this feelings sucks.

Eduardo De Dios

I wish they would play the audio when the Saint defender was pulling George Kittle’s face mask and screaming “help help help me” George is just a BEAST

Jo Lee

This was the best game since Rams vs. Chiefs last year

Chue Vang

If he doesn’t hold on the Kittle face mask he’ll be gone to the end zone


    either way the result would be the same

    Vincent Cheung

    Was supposed to have linebacker there


    @Vincent Cheung what do you mean, their nickel corner was the guy in coverage and whiffed leaving Marcus Williams as their last hope to stop him


    prob for the best. Killed the rest of the clock. 20 sec was too much for them to make couple of big plays


    Im a niner fan but it was kinda good if he did not score, if he did they would have lots if time with a timeout for drew brees to comeback and score

I Bleed Red&Gold

Die hard Niner fan but the saints showed a lot of heart also. This was like our two losses where it would have gone either way it was just our turn. See you guys soon. ✌🏼


That run by Kittle, such a primal display of determination.


If I were to guess the name of a leather helmet era player, it would be George Kittle.

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