Eli Connects w/ Darius Slayton for the TD! – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Eli Connects w/ Darius Slayton for the TD!

Eli showing off his stuff, marching the Giants downfield for the touchdown. The New York Giants take on the Philadelphia Eagles during Week 14 of the 2019 NFL season.

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Emperor Palpatine

So I guess nobody will win the NFC east this year

    Nich HD

    you ever hear the tragedy of the nfc east? it’s not the story the cowboys or eagles would tell you.

    Troy Brownrigg

    @Cater Dig They are not in the NFC. They will win the AFC and the Super bowl most likely.

    Cater Dig

    @Troy Brownrigg woooosh

    Justin Nguyen

    Justin Peters that ain’t weird at all lol we just have the same name.

    Ivan Celedonio

    tho watch the nfc east team in the playoffs get to the conference championship

NFL Is the best




    Doug Mckenzie

    Yep. He went 3 and out on a potential game winning drive and went OFF the field to hand the game winning drive to his opponent


Redskins win devision 100% lmao

    Black Mile High17

    Human 8845
    r/ whoooosh


    @Black Mile High17 not a wooosh
    and nobody cares you use reddit

    Lava LifeGuard

    @Human 8845 *they’re* you numbnutz

    Human 8845

    Lava LifeGuard ?


Damn that rookie can really throw! I’m finally glad they put him in after their veteran ran their season into the ground!

    Yeelicious -

    Thomas Cusack yeah I remember typing “and”.

    The Platinum Kid

    @Khalid Brown he is trolling dont even waste ur time

    Thomas Cusack

    @Yeelicious – What was your original comment?

    Something like “r/thatsthejoke” ?

    Yeelicious -

    Thomas Cusack no it was me saying r/whoosh I still see it on there.


    @Thomas Cusack I saw his comment, he deleted it


EDP has to be having some sort of mental breakdown rn

    Friends Of Red Demi

    @Mr Kings Last time I checked when the opposing team scores the other team gets the ball back lmao. The score is 17-3

    Mr Kings

    Friends Of Red Demi But you’re still putting all the blame on Carson, rather than coaching, bad defense, the atrocious receiving core???

    Mr Kings

    Friends Of Red Demi WYA now? I’m not an eagles fan either. Ima saints fan

    Friends Of Red Demi

    @Mr Kings Lmao I didn’t ask you anything about yourself and you’re gloating about this? The Giants came into Philly, dominated them for a half than it took overtime for Philly to win. This, a team trying to make a Superbowl run lmfao

    Friends Of Red Demi

    @Mr Kings Just like how Tom Brady is getting raked through the coals because he has zero offensive talent around him l and Mahomes was getting put in the shadows because of his losses, yep Wentz is getting that same energy. Since you’re not an Eagles fan how about you stop trying to talk on matters you don’t follow as much as actual fans of the team lmao


The G.O.A.T Eli is back!! 🙌🏾🔥

    Spike Films

    FoshoGotFlow 2 time super bowl champ against the 6 time super bowl champ and won 2 of them against the patriots

    Nehemiah Hicks

    3 time at the time*

Frantz Lenin

Giants gonna give Eli a two year extension and name him the long term starter after the game lmfao

    Franco Russomanno

    Daniel Jones has a sprained ankle DUMMY how TF is he gonna play

    Maža Žaža

    @Casper ‘the racist’ GhostThat is just a classic terrible play calling by Shurmur. Nothing new

Spike Films

YouTube “11 view”
People “11 views but 34 likes and 1 dislike?”

    Jason Jason


    B Hays

    Space/Time continuum


    35 minutes after that…
    YouTube 8.3 views
    Over 1k likes
    Only 38 chicken heads dislikes


Darius slayton was a steal in the draft💯


    Darius slayton is just a receiver

    Melvin White


    Noah Cahill Sports Talk

    MgHerbo hes just hating and trolling

    Mee Mee

    @J Foster y’all lost to the dolphins I don’t wanna hear it

    J Foster

    @Mee Mee who you talking to I’m a browns fan


Eli Manning named started for next season 😂

wavyboysmith 718

Slayton breaks a tackle and big run on a short completion

Youtube comments: ELIS THE GOAT!


    Eli the goat


    Well I was gonna say “who needs Odell?”

    The Platinum Kid

    @PipeGuy64Bit the giants cuz our wr aint all that

    Doug Mckenzie

    Eli is the CHOKE! Or the TOAST. Lets retire him already


    @Doug Mckenzie Eli didn’t choke. The coach is just a god damn idiot at 2nd half adjustments.

Danny Przedpelski

Everyone’s gonna lose hope in the eagles if they lose😂

    Christopher Graves

    @Crugleberry and Friends yeah nothing on our team is good rn…everyone is so inconsistent and we just need to do a settle thing and destroy everything and build around Carson I dont mind another rebuild

    Lava LifeGuard

    @Crugleberry and Friends Hahahaha you’re an eagle’s fan?

    Dylan Wu

    cowboys 10-6
    eagles 8-8
    redskins- 4-12
    giants- 3-13

    Christopher Graves

    @Dylan Wu I can tell you are a cowboys fan if you think they are winning the rest of there games…delusional

    Crugleberry and Friends

    Dylan Wu The Cowboys have lost every single game they have played against a >=.500 team
    This will continue when they play the rams, and I don’t want to give myself hope, but maybe it will also continue against the 7-7 Eagles (assuming we don’t choke against the Deadskins)

    I say the Division ends with the 9-7 Eagles as champs, and 8-8 Cowboys as the runner ups.
    The Eagles will be immediately obliterated by whichever wild card team is fortunate enough to play us

Matthew Shortle

Eagles fans: “Cowboys are trash, we can definitely win the NFC East.”
Eagles: “Nah I don’t really feel like it.”

    Michael Li ツ

    Matthew Shortle ye my brother said the eagles bouta make da playoffs. I said nahhhh Chiefs the Chiefs!

    Edward Gaines

    The NFC East is like the “special classes” in your grade school.

    Lord Ossas

    @Edward Gaines lmao some years they are super competitive. Some years nothing.

    Lava LifeGuard

    @Michael Li ツ Chiefs

    Lava LifeGuard

    @Edward Gaines You rode the short bus?

Vain AO Craze

Eli be like: okay I’m well rested, I’ll play

    Jean Claude


    Robert Webster


    Mr psychometrics

    Lol yup he just needed a break

Vaibhav Hariram

Eli still has some left in him, glad to see.

    Edward Gaines

    Some juice left in that coconut.

Aiden Davis

Darius Slayton is the offbrand version of Darius slay

It sounds like the Jerry Ricecake and Deon Sandcastle ads

    Edward Gaines



Show Eli some respect and make the man a starter before he retires


Imagine cowboys makei g the wildcard at 6-10 😂😂😂

    Jamel Macon

    imagine the redskins making the wildcard at 6-10

    Lava LifeGuard

    Imagine not knowing how to spell *making*

Combat Edits

NFC East is officially a meme

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