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Move Lonnie to free safety

    Michael Shelton

    Reid is the free safety he could be the strong safety similar to what Kam Chancellor was for Seattle I think that would better fit him

    Remy the Phoenix

    ^^ ive been calling for this since they put gip on IR. he could be like a kjack type but Kam Chancellor is be a better comp because of size. Lonnie did a decent job on Kelce last time they played, letting him play some SS snaps could help

    Michael Shelton

    Remy the Phoenix agreed but too bad O Brien or Crennel ain’t smart enough to make that move. Look how long it took them to switch Kareem to safety.

David Jauregui

Let’s go Texans!!!!!!!!

TigerTexan Super Fan

Until he let’s Watson be Watson, we’ll never go very far. Stop trying to coach to fit ur scheme, BOB!!!!! Release Watson from ur hold and let him be the magician we know and love.

    Quinn Williams

    @Wuzi Mu The scheme is trash… Watson takes sacks because of the coverage on the back end. His sacks are coverage sacks, he’s scrambling to make a play because nobody is open. That’s why ppl are telling him to run more or throw the ball away. Watson is 6-0 against top ten defenses this season based on the fact he’s gotten better at picking up the blitz and can read the exotic coverages. O’Brien has to scheme the receivers open and get the ball out his hands quickly with the playcalling, especially since this oline is shaky to say the least. Slants and curl routes, screens and crosses are Watson’s best friend. O’Brien wants to run for 3-4 yards on 1st and 2nd downs, then hit you with a deep pass play, That is predictable and no opposing defense is scared of O’Brien, they just respect Watsons talent, cause he out performs Bob’s playbook. Ppl in this league respect Watson over O’brien. Without Watson, the Texans lose that game Saturday, and real football minds know this. O’briens success is based on Watsons not the other way around.

    Quinn Williams

    @Wuzi Mu He does miss open receivers but if the play is meant for one specific player, then Watson throws to that receiver. Bob said that some of his plays are designed that way. If Watson was in a west coast offensive his talents would truly flourish.

    Wuzi Mu

    @Quinn Williams are you blind?? what do you look at?? o’brien has been scheming guys open all season, and watson passes up open guys for deeper routes. watson being young is just a growing pain not an issue. but to say o’brien is not scheming guys open for watson to get rid of the ball quickly is not true. o’brien definitely has been scheming good this season, it’s not flashy, but he gets guys open. at least watch PFF or some youtubers reviewing film.

    Wuzi Mu

    @Quinn Williams yes some of the plays are designed for a specific player, but most of them are more free, and none of the plays watson HAS to throw to a specific player, that is just who the designed play is for

    Quinn Williams

    @Wuzi Mu Ima explain this to you and the other retards who are bob apologists. O’Brien tells Watson what to do on each play, if you see a receiver open and Watson doesn’t throw to the receiver, the play wasn’t meant for that receiver. He tells Watson to go for the yardage, Deshaun and o’brien has both said this. Saturday when he threw to Jones to set up the winning field goal, that play was originally meant for dhop. The line missed their blocking assignment he had to scramble and then he found jones smh. Why do you think his offense is stagnant when fuller is out, but you have a top 3 receiver on the field… His scheme is predicated on fuller not Hopkins, he goes deep to fuller and Hopkins eats in the middle just like all the other receivers. It’s that simple, the plays are called based on packages for the receivers. Deshaun doesn’t have that much free range in this offense. That Td he threw to stills after he tried to throw it to fuller against new England was Deshauns idea to go back to it, when O’Brien called a brand new play. O’Brien got on him about it because Watson changed the play, he saw the coverage was shifting to dhop and fuller, so he put stills in fuller’s spot…. That play was originally for fuller. When they were arguing on the sideline against Tampa, Deshaun was frustrated with the SCHEME. How do you continue to run on the 30th ranked pass defense with Kenny stills and dhop on the field??? If you look at Deshauns numbers this season compared to last, his yards are down his ints are up, and the TDs are the same. Again the scheme is trash, a high school football coach could outsmart bob lol.

Ace Clasher

He sound like John cena

Luis A.

Let’s go TEXANS! 🐂

Richy Angelo

He still needs to go. Way underqualified

Jake Yu

Y’all must be the only team that criticizes a head coach that led his team this far into the playoffs

    Manuel Vazquez

    Jake Yu he didnt watt and Watson did

Davor Stjepic

This idiot still not fired?? Thanks Deshaun!

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