Carlos Hyde: I was hella excited || Houston Texans Wild Card Victory – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
BlackOut XFlame

I’m the first. GO TEXANS




Let’s beat the kingdom 😈#gotexans


never chase it let it come to you

Vx Daimondz

We need everyone to keep hating on us bc that’s when we win

    Vera Wallace

    No hate here, all love for No,4 i remember when he lost a college game, and the guy on the radio said, although he lost ,he was the best player on the field

Justin Everett

Lets go Texans🤘🤘💙❤🏈🐂

John Landon

Loss win win

Pb Stackzz

We beat the chiefs once we can do it again!

Yusuke Urameshi

Saw a lot of plays where they made him an extra blocker to buy Watson time. Sometimes that’s all it takes to change the game around.

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