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Head Coach Pete Carroll End Of Year Press Conference | Seahawks 2019

Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll talks to the media on Monday to close out the 2019 season.

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Terrance Warren

Second comment


We’ve had way too many first halves like that over the past couple seasons. It’s ok if it happens here and there, but it’s a chronic issue for the Hawks. I don’t understand it. It takes over 30 minutes to get a TD, and we have Russell Wilson as QB. The Packers are a tough team at home and they have a bit more depth and are more healthy, but that shouldn’t be an excuse as to why we leaked that many yards and points. First drive of the game and it’s a TD, we were chasing the game right from the start. I think overall the Hawks had pretty good good season. Almost won the division and who knows, maybe would have progressed further with a higher seed. In any case, despite all the issues with injuries, slow starts, some questionable playcalling, the Hawks fought hard and that’s to be applauded. One thing you can’t fault Pete and the team is hard work, it’s why we are rarely blown out. Onwards and upwards! Can’t wait until next season! Go Hawks!!!

    Wavy Theoo

    Fax we will be back

    Chase H

    Petes philosophy at work. I feel like Russ covers a lot of Petes faulty coaching. Russ doesnt win because of pete carroll. He wins in spite of him.


    davd1986 agree Hawks need to figure out how to show up in the first half. They can still become amazing in the 2nd half. But could Hawks at least show up in the first half; if they were to keep the score a bit more even In first half this team would b on a Serious SuperBowl run.

    Derek Gzaskow

    good game plan?? have we EVER just let Russ pass 3/3 and play a shoot out from the start?? most teams know we are gonna kill some time and TRY to establish a run game, sad and predictable always playing from 2 or 3 scores back. we played above our stats and if we make that field goal from 50 we have a chance.

Da 1

Bring my boy reed back. We need that guy!


    Idk if he will..

Mark Brown

Lets get some 300 pound linemen!
Jimmy Johnson style

    Elana Mccullum


Dana Cruz

Coach Pete, forever Seahawks!

James Lee-South

Seahawks, all in all, had a good season. We have the elements of a SB winning team. Please, though, as has been shown many times this year, switch to a pass-oriented offense. Russell is capable of being in a position like Mahomes, where he is able to lead his team from start to finish. If you guys unleash Russ from the start, instead of in the 3rd quarter, imagine the Seahawks next year.


    Losing our running backs WAS HUGE. dont get me wrong.. homer and lynch delivered but carson is such a beast and it changed our offense. You right we need a better playbook for passing but russ needs to work on metcalf a little. I have a feeling the 49ers will be speechless again next year and well be back at the superbowl. Go hawks


    they blew it in week 16 against the Cards, had everything in sight and just got clobbered the last 2 weeks.

    Dank Web News

    Antoine Walden we need a championship defense, as long as you give Russ a chance the can win


    What team are you watching, the Secondary is straight trash, they let one reciever beat them!!
    Russell is not enough, Pete plays are about 5 years behind!!

    B00fpack '

    People keep forgetting we were injury prone and if we weren’t we would’ve won that game 100%

Jason Busch

We need to improve are secondary…add a couple of peace’s…to are d line…and for God sakes stay healthy…put the work in…will win a super bowl

    Mackenzie Harris




    tommy friedlander

    God’s sake

    Andrew Ching


Dr. Rish

Seahawks for life 40yr fan here.

My 90’s are fire

Graham was short

    Alex Reid

    @chiefgitsu That’s what they said so I guess it’s ok? Would be nice if the line they showed on TV was the same line they were evaluating the play on though.


    @Alex Reid surprising that with the great technological advances, they still haven’t updated that line.

    Alex Reid

    @chiefgitsu I know right? Very confusing. What’s the deal there? If that line we see on TV isn’t the official line then what’s the point in showing it at all?


    @Alex Reid no idea bro. but it’s screwed many teams over before. hopefully they address it this year/decade.


    The line is held up by people. It can’t even be accurate by its own standards. Especially where the ref places the ball.


So Seahawks lost “divisional” this season, lost “wild card” last season, and lost the game to get them into the playoffs the year before that.
Does that mean they will make it to the “NFC CHAMPIONSHIP” next season and lose that, followed by superbowl the following season?

    The Twister

    Jetfire97 that’s exactly what I was thinking.


    Jetfire97 weirdly, I thought that too, last night I was like “this is actually fate” LOL.

Mason B


    Ross Luton

    look around man, they don’t grow on trees. Most teams need them. They’ll try their best but just saying “get pro bowl linemen” every year doesn’t do anything.

    Rey Garibay

    Hopefully let Ifedi walk and pick up someone better in free agency. If do resign him then draft another Tackle to create more depth and competition for ifedi.


    We gonna have a healthier Druan Brown, Britt and Iupati back next season. And I will also add Dissly because he’s a much better blocker than Hollister…..BUT YES, WE NEED TO REPLACE IFEDI

    Ross Luton

    X.Ivan.X browns age and injuries aren’t a good sign. Britt might be a cap casualty. Iupati probably won’t be resigned. Expect jamarco jones and Phil Haynes to be starters next year.

    Spock B

    And a DC, and a much better corner


all year – run, run, run the whole first half regardless of how effective it is. then let russ throw in the second half and try and come from behind and win the game. it’s worked most of the year, often through nothing more than luck, but sure seems like a shitty gameplan. hope the offence becomes more dynamic next year. also hope there’s some turnover with the hawks trainers. clearly they failed this year.

Abel Girma

If we were healthy I believe we would have been to the superbowl. Thank u pete! You made the best with what you had. Bring Marshawn back. Enjoy your time off


    Marshawn is retiring bro. He just gave a helping hand because we were desperate. 😔😔

    Dank Web News

    We need to snatch a fucking beast in the draft at RB. I wish Gordon would get out of his own way so he can play as well

Edwin M

why is king pete talking like he finna leave us. plz dont 😭😭

    eeR Bii

    firing pete would be huge mistake

    vegas j

    WTF you talking about?? Please tell us in the vid where it sounds that way??


    He’s just reflecting on the season. Doesn’t mean hes going anywhere

Marcus Farmer

Go Hawks! 2 cents y’all to all those haters out there, dont be quick to forget when the hawks were hot garbage for 2 decades. This man helped brought the hawks to relevancy. Always compete! Go Hawks!


I’m proud of this young group

kenneth salter

o line
o line
o line


The Seahawks have GOT to figure out how to play well in the first half. That was an issue all season long. You can’t get to the Super Bowl that way, when you let the opponents build gigantic leads in the first half.


“This isn’t the last meeting for this season, this is the first meeting for next season.”
Man, I love that.

Nasir S

Boy Pete Carroll’s whole “rah rah” and “compete” schtick is getting really old. The truth is this organization hasn’t been the same since the conclusion of the 2014 season. 5 years of early playoff exits and the standard Pete Carroll crap about how great this team is and how great next season will be. Buncha bullshit.

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