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Bobby Wagner Locker Clean Out Press Conference | 2019 Seattle Seahawks

Seahawks linebacker Bobby Wagner talks to the media as he cleans his locker out at the Virginia Mason Athletic Center after the 2019 season.

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Seahawks won’t respond…

Desert Mav

They brought the game back within reach, and considering how banged up they are, I’m proud of em! #GOHAWKS

    Timoteo Juans

    Ya losing that 1-2 punch with the why Carson and Penny were playing was devasting. Even Josh Gordon was missed on 3rd down.

John Calhoun

For god sakes get wilson some help! People complain about brady not receiving any help, atleast he had the #1 defense. Wilson had to overcome no run game (underdtandable), horrible first half play calling, patch work of an O-line, receivers dropping crucial passes, and a 26th ranked defense who couldn’t get off the field on 3rd down. And we still had a chance to win. Lamar was the more spectacular player but Wilson is the most valuable.

Big Tings

If you want clowney to get his money it won’t be with us, you guys need to make more plays.


    we have a lot of cap space so it could be with us, just depends on what route pete and john go

    Shane Hafner

    Haha Hawks are top 5 teams with cap space. Hopefully Russ can restructure his contract in order to sign some key FA’s. 12 2020 draft picks can change things around. It’s time for John Schneider to work his magic.

    12th Man Pride

    @kb Pete literally said that his first priority is to get Clowney back. He said they are getting on contract talks as soon as possible even though the first day they can resign the players is in march.


Who let Aqib Talib in our locker room?

    Eric Maeder

    Rigjt..i was like..hes a reporter?


    We need to cause that defense is trash

    iSaidWithExtra Cheese

    YoRelxx I went to high school with that guy, I was surprised as hell too, he was a big 49ers fan lol

Sam Dath

Hope we have Clowney back for next season go hawks

Eric Maeder

Next yr 1 year older..we gotta win one

ᴇɴᴅᴇʀ -

Lano Hill is trashh


    facts ..cut him asap

    Aniceto Sanchez

    And flowers

    rj Taylor

    And Malik Turner

    Aaron Keeter

    FACTS if Diggs was injured why wasnt Blair in the game smhhh

    CenterPiece OfGaming

    @rj Taylor Turner dropped a ball ifedi always sucks

Chicago Skater

Bobby knows the defense needs work, I trust in his leadership.


Feel so bad, it’s really Miles Turners fault for not catching that easy catch in the 4th quarter, and also refs fault for horrible call on Jimmy Graham’s “first down”

    Shane Hafner

    *Malik Turner


76 like

blisterypoet Estrada

He will become like Ray Luis only younger and stronger

    CenterPiece OfGaming

    That guy did 💀🔪 so not wanting that comparison

Jim Chiro

See you next season will come back stronger.go hawks


It’s crazy how far we made it with all the injuries we had

Cael Byrd

We have a very very good OFFENSE. We need our defense to step up

    Matthew Pettit

    No!!! We have a great quarterback and tyler Lockett and DK. Our tight end is okish. Hopefully our 1000 yard back is the same after the injury. We need a need oline and a better DC.

    Aaron Keeter

    Matthew Pettit 100% agree. We NEED to invest heavily in the O-line. DK and Lockett are Pro bowl type WRs, and Will Dissly is a solid, reliable TE. We have 2 really good RBs with Carson and Penny, just need an actual O-line to provide the adequate blocking to make big plays happen. The defense needs a new coordinator and actual pass rushers.

    CenterPiece OfGaming

    @Aaron Keeter we need Yannick and to resign clowney

jahleel breland

Coach Chris I see you man 😂💪💪💪💪

Koi Matai

Damn Doug done got dark skinned 😂

Buddy Hampton

Best LB and great man

David Zakaryan

Oh man, he is injured too((

But he will be back stronger🔥

Tru Leader Jay

He’s secretly got a locker full of cheese.

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