Head Coach Pete Carroll Divisional Monday Press Conference | 2019 Seattle Seahawks – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Head Coach Pete Carroll Divisional Monday Press Conference | 2019 Seattle Seahawks

Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll talks with the media on Monday during the second week of playoffs at the Virginia Mason Athletic Center.

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Jeffrey G

One down, three to go. Go Hawks!!!

    Tim Bartsch

    Superbowl bound

    alexander avalos


    Brian Koski

    Per Marshawn Lynch…
    ‘Unfinished Business’!


Rodgers is going to fall like Drew and Brady

    Jon p

    Let’s go all the way. GO HAWKS!!!

    Blood Cousin

    Your mother will fall

    Adam Bassett

    I agree. He’s looking old. FINALLY!! Now it’s about stopping the GB running game.

    Travis Bloom

    Exactly, knock their best player out of the game so you have a better chance at winning seeing as it’s work before recently for them.


    Adam Bassett

Jesus Garcia

Let’s go Seattle Seahawks yeah

    Alex Saucedo

    Go hawks Seattle nation people. Seattle all the way. Beat the packers

Jesus Garcia

Let’s go back to the Superbowl 🤫🤫🤫🤫

    Tim Bartsch

    Oh Hell YEAH

Tim Bartsch

Pete Carroll is an Awesome Guy

    Wes Takahashi

    He really is.

    B00fpack '

    I mean when he ain’t fucking up the plays he’ll yea 😭😂😂


    Tim Bartsch great guy. Deteriorating coach who is too stubborn to give the team wholly to Wilson instead of running the ball 18 times into a brick wall named Fletcher Cox

Peter Cullen

You have no idea how much I want to see the Hawks go to the superbowl and Marshawn get the game winning TD 🙏🙏

    Joshua the gamer

    Me too


    I’d rather DK have a game like he did yesterday to get MVP 🤑


    I’d rather the team focus on winning the game and not individuals being glory hogs.

    Gump Boi 22

    Let’s not get ahead of ourselves we still have to play next week

Rob Landeros

I know the Seahawks are considered to be a “run first” team, but I think they need to change to a “run second” or “run less” team.

    Rey Garibay

    I agree but lynch is just getting warmed up and hopefully iupati and duane brown are back next week. That will help the run game a lot.

    Paris Wolf

    @cwin Agree. And I will add that running the ball keeps the other team guessing.


    Not every team has a poor secondary. You have to run the ball. The problem with the game yesterday was trying to run the ball up the middle over and over when it wasn’t working. Running to the perimeter works better with guys like Homer. I like the pitch plays to the RB, let him run to the outside and get some blocking from the WR’s.

    Rob Landeros

    @cwin Keeping the ball away from the opponent’s offense is always a good thing. But scoring a lot of points is also very good. I didn’t say never run the ball, I suggested running the ball fewer times. Simply because right now they don’t have a good running game and the best asset they have at this point is Wilson and his receivers.


    Rob Landeros amen

Keith Sparling

Great to see Wilson,look more like his old self. Running, options!!! Great to see. Much better play calling !!! The attitude and moral are “up”. Beastmode is fir real! That ole dog still got it! There playing with heart, Wilsons seasoned determination and his pressue eating ability, could know no limits!!! Will they??? Dont know… Could they??? Damn straight! Go Hawks! 12s are proud if you! One game at a time!


    They didn’t run read option. All his rush yards were on the scramble, when the D dropped off and gave him space, he took it. And that isn’t play calling btw, that is scramble drill, take what the defense give you.

    Keith Sparling

    No, it may not have been a called option… however, it did give Wilson the option, hence the large rushing gains… I watched the game and I saw a definite difference in the play calling… everyone did… or did you just want to argue? You must be an Eagle fan LOL


    @Keith Sparling I thought you were referring to read option. He always has the “option” to tuck it and run when pass pro breaks down or defense gives him the lane, so the phrasing was confusing. The plays were pretty much the same, lots of play action, they just called more pass plays earlier in the game when Eagles shut down run game (unlike last year in Dallas). It was just a better result

    s b

    Keith Sparling I LOVE your passion go hawks

    Rick Flair


Pranav Singamsetti

Decaf Metcalf for the win

Flag Bearer

Converted on 3rd Down like a Boss. So stoked😇

Lucas Wheeler

Just stop running Homer between the tackles on O. Use him where he’s strong: outside the hashes. Use the bruisers inside.

    B Rus

    @ddawg468$ right!! There was a play where it was like 2nd and 15 and the play call was literally for homer to run straight at cox when the guy had literally been pancaking Hunt and Fluker all game

    Gump Boi 22

    It’s our injured o Line though with Iupati there we ran roughshod over them with Penny we might’ve had Brown back then to hopefully they’re both healthy enough to play come Sunday

    John Patteson

    This is true until you consider setting up the short pass with the run, which is what their game plan has been all year. They need to find another way to have the linebackers commit to the line without the run. I was hoping Lynch was the answer here but they have not been using him in this role. Unable to take the punishment because of age?

    Ross Luton

    you people act like defensive players arent smart lol. That’s why you’re not a coach.

    Jared Jensen

    Several of them were outside runs but terrible blocking everywhere and Homer cutback into Cox’s face

Spock B

We gotta play hard, with smart defense, and fight all the way for Paul Allen! Got to be well coached, Win for PAUL Win for THE FANS, Win FOR THE 12!!!!

    Brian Koski

    Yeah, Paul Allen was way-cool!


    Spock B amen for pga

Cohen Bates

The only person who disliked this is a eagles fan

    Math /Think

    No not really Seattle is hated team all over the country especially Carroll who left USC before &&^% hit the fan

    Blood Cousin

    And a 49ers fan

    Rowdy Jr.

    @Math /Think All over the country? Dawg, where I live at, people root for our Seahawks to win against any opponent that can get their team to number one and two seed in the playoffs following a first round bye. So, please don’t say our team is hated across this country lol.


I am a seahawks fan but I don’t like it that we are underestimating the packers. I think we can definetly beat them but it’s definitely not gonna be an easy game. Anyways, GO HAWKS 💙💚

    Things & Stuff

    I don’t think we underestimated the Packer since the day Matt Hasslebeck said “We want the ball and we’re going to score.”


    Who’s under estimating, gonna be a tough game. Hawks haven’t won there since 99

    Gump Boi 22

    Any playoff game is going to be even more difficult

    Ryan Staiger

    We’re not underestimating the packers🤨 if anyone is underestimating anyone it’s Seattle. Everyone wrote us off saying we weren’t even going to get past philly and everyone this week will say we’re going to lose to packers. We haven’t won there in forever and packers play good at home, I don’t think there’s anyone in that locker room that thinks it’ll be a breeze


    @Eric Maeder I know. Just some hawks fans I see out here saying Rodgers is overrated and packers are overrated.

The Pickle zone

Go hawks!! Let’s win the division and dominate the packers!!


    The Pickle zone my ding ding is a pickle


Come on Seahawks, *WHATEVER* IT TAKES


Pull through for us Vikings! We want another home game!

joe donias

I would love to ‘Shawn in a couple of screens. Him with some blockers in front and couple of lil baby stiff arms shiiiittt


    joe donias 👶🏻💪

tad bushboy Bleeker

Seattle needs more out of their TE

    James Krys

    They need Flowers to turn his head and Hollister to quit pushing off.

Tremaine Moss

Rodgers will pick on Flowers all afternoon we need to focus in on that

    Seahawks Will Beat Slackers

    Flowers won’t be up against Adams. Adams is the Packers only good reciever minus Aaron Jones who will be covered by a LB

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