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Sam Booh

Who y’all got wining ROTY

    Larry Legend is a GOAT

    Kyler Murray is the most deserving of OROY


    Either Murray or Jacobs


That defense showed some improvement in those last three games, I hope continues into next season. Look how many games were winnable this past year! Sadly the defense wasn’t able tot get off the field. However, I already can’t wait to see this offense next 2020 Kickoff!


    John Collins Detroit, Baltimore, San Francisco, Tampa Bay, Steelers, and the 2nd Rams Encounter were the games I remember the most for the Defense having late struggles, and that’s easily 5 wins they could’ve had!

    Larry Legend is a GOAT

    @Murphy08 the defense was actually good in the Detroit game, making crucial stops to help our comeback. But you’re right about the others


    Larry Legend is a GOAT, they were good until the 4 th quarter and overtime, I just wish AZ could’ve gotten one more score

    Larry Legend is a GOAT

    @Murphy08 they didnt allow a single point in the 4th quarter after our first touchdown


    Larry Legend is a GOAT sorry, I meant to put the Lions offense was moving good until that 4th quarter, and that I wish AZ would’ve gotten one more score to get the W, sorry I didn’t check my comment before submitting haha, but all in all km glad to see that AZ is able to love the ball, this offense iwas a complete 180 from last season 👍

David Ruelas

Besides the record this was a competitive team and it was fun to watch (on offense), Kyler kept us in most games and it shows if he has help around him he will have a Lamar type year, I’m hella excited for next season

    DeAndre Williams

    Kyler is more like Russell

    Baby Yoda

    DeAndre Williams Kyler wasn’t playing his best the last like 2 or 3 games cause of his injury I hope injurys doesn’t effect him in his future and don’t make him to scared to run the ball or whatever


    Ikr I’m soooooo hyped. We making playoffs baby

    Jonathan Requena

    @DeAndre Williams nah he is more like Jackson he is gonna have the same outcome decent year as a rookie,then top player in year 2

Larry Legend is a GOAT

There are surprise teams every year, no matter how unlikely it seems. With a good offseason, I think the cardinals have the best chance to be one of them next year

    James FromAZ


    Cole Harris

    Absolutely bro. Playoff bound!

    Larry Legend is a GOAT

    @Baby Yoda Andrew Thomas


    If we play our cards (pun intended) right next season (get a decent o line, resign kenyan, some moves at receivers) and we draft a few good defensive players we will be contenders for the bowl

    LioN Afterlife

    Larry Legend is a GOAT & if Andrew Thomas is gone?


I can’t wait!!!! Pay drake please. …next season is going to be amazing!!!

    James FromAZ

    That should be #1 on the list of their to dos

    STEEL Metal

    I politely disagree. #1 should be securing return of Larry Legend


Imagine having both drake and Edmonds progressing a bunch. Cardinals would have the best RB duo in the league

Alex of Allusion

I didn’t realize how much cool uniforms we have

    Larry Legend is a GOAT

    Yeah they’re awesome, idk why people want a change

    SSick Camaro SS

    Alex of Allusion how many*


    I’m glad they brought back the red pants with the away jerseys. I wish that they could wear the Color Rush combo a couple more times out of the year, that all back with White helmet looks badass

    Fred Castro

    We should change helmet color, white makes the players look like star wars

    Humble Rumble

    @Larry Legend is a GOAT Somehow we got voted ugliest uniforms at the beginning of the year even though we have the coolest alternative jerseys. Seems like people forget about the bucs.


Great upload. Love my Cardinals 😊


I want DJ to stay, I want kliff to figure out how to use him correctly.

    Andrew Nelson

    EET FUK yeah but we have to pay drake. We pay dj 14 million a year. We need to get rid of him via trade because we need the money this offseason


    EET FUK Yeah, he’s a great receiver and blocker plus a great goal line back. His biggest downfall is staying healthy. Hope he stays and stays healthy.


3:17 was Gorgeous

Landon Beatty

As much as I want to blame David Johnson’s fate on David Johnson he never really got the chance to go in three tight end sets or to tight end sets like Drake did. At the beginning of the season when he was the Prime running back he had a lot of four to 5 wide sets

    Jacob Robles

    Landon Beatty and he still scored TD’s. Everything was good till he got hurt and Edmonds came in against NY


I know the record doesn’t show it, but the Cardinals are a great team. I’m so excited for next season already! The defense really stepped it up on those last games and I hope that momentum goes into next season.

Darren Chee

We still #1 in my book forever Cardinals 👍

Phil Pickett

Last years video had 35 seconds of touchdowns. 🤣🤣🤣


    Phil Pickett what was your favorite TD this year?


    It also had a Larry Fitz passing TD 😎

Jacob Robles

5:15 Kyler says “got ‘em” 😂

Ghost With The Most




    josh espedahl

    No bro he was. He is too expensive now. He has got to go

    Ghost With The Most

    @josh espedahl he is the same, he’s just under a different offense that doesn’t know how to use him like Arians n he’s paid exactly how much he is worth


    Ghost With The Most He needs to take a pay cut then.


Recorded some of these live on my channel

Fred Castro

I have a good feeling Larry comes back next season

Bert Jones

Lotta roughing the passer at 1:43!. 😂

Ryan Drazenovich

2020 we are about to knock the cleats off everyone.

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