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Excited for next szn🔥🔥

Sportsplayer 2.0/Daniel

I am pumped I love this Head Coach he means business

    Brian Gonzales

    I’m mad excited tbh

Kipsy Kid

Hoping for at least 7 to 8 wins next szn

    Nash Scheber

    I never understood what Szn meant until this comment 😂


    Nash Scheber are you serious lmfao

    Nash Scheber

    @Adrian no bs 😂


    Nash Scheber lmao i guess u not hip to the new generation 😭😭

    troy evans

    Naw man at least 9-10 win season u look at the 49ers!!! That should motivate any bad team

Nash Scheber

I know alot of giant fans are going to crucify Joe Judge & his staff after 1 year but everyone needs to realize Joe judge needs atleast 4 years he has never been a head coach before .

    Daniel Camilo

    unless he brings the giants to a winning record and a possible playoff run if he even come close to that i doubt anyone will complain


    lol because hes a rookie hc he gets 4 years? Some position coaches are not made out to be head coaches and you find that out quick. Example : freddie kitchens, Im hopeful but we need a change in culture now and I hope hes the man for the job

billy fraiser

The worst thing that’s been about watching the Giants the last few years is how much they pass the ball, especially on 2nd down. I’ll watch the games with my wife and I’ll predict the plays the Giants are going to run, and my success rate is astounding. If I’m just a fan sitting at home and I can guess the plays they’re going to run, you better believe a professional defensive coordinator will be able to as well. Here’s how 90% of Giants’ possessions go: 1st down, 50/50 run/pass I’d say. 2nd Down, 99% Pass. 3rd Down, 99.9% pass. The problem is they’ll get like 2-5 yards on 1st down, and then instead of running the ball on 2nd down to make a more manageable 3rd down, they’ll pass for incomplete and then make it 3rd and 5-8 yards and now the defense knows for a fact they’re going to pass the ball. A lot of games I watch, the Giants panic too. Say the Giants are winning 7-0. Then the other team goes up 10-7…. all of a sudden the Giants panic for some reason, as if they’re down by 20 points with 5minutes left in the game and they go to passing the ball 100% of the time. Look at pass attempts by teams in the NFL. Out of the 10 teams that passed the ball the most in the NFL, only 3 of those teams made the playoffs. That might seem like “ok, well that’s nothing that really stands out”, but then look at the bottom 4 teams in pass attempts in the entire NFL… ALL FOUR teams made the playoffs. As a matter of fact, 6 out of the bottom 10 teams made the playoffs. I understand those numbers aren’t a coincidence, since losing teams tend to pass the ball more, but they’re losing because they dig themselves a hole by passing too much, instead of establishing a run game. Anyway, changing up the coaching staff is the best thing that could have happened to the Giants and I’m looking forward to next season…. especially since the Giants play in a terrible division, they’ll have a good chance at being successful next season.

    Nash Scheber

    That’s exactly why I’m glad Shurmur is gone . He would abandon the running game every game . Even when Barkley has been destroying the defense he just stops running the ball. Running the ball more will also help Jones not get hit 20× a game but it all comes down to the offense line . After this comment you made me change my mind about who we should draft . I wanted simmons but now I want a tackle in the first .

    Lil Robux

    Having Jason is good for that.

Matt DeCaro


    Jeffrey Abbey

    Yessir. Feagles!!

Zoey Jafferally

So looking forward to next szn. Let’s go Giants!!!!! #TEAMNEWYORKGIANTS #BIGBLUE #GMEN #GIANTSNATION #WEBLEEDBLUE D.I.G 🏈🏉🏈🏉🏈🏉🏈

Isaiah Baker

With this coaching staff the Giants can be the joke of the NFL because of the big personalities in one room or we are talking over the Patriot Dynasty!!


The way I see it n it look great n now focus on creating new play n focus good free agent list n focus on trading down #4 get more picks keep getting younger n hungry n strive for #5 !!!

B. Roemer

Well, we’re undefeated so far. I’m rooting for you men. Don’t fail us.


Playoffs next szn then super bowl after that… Coaches are now a squad, go Giants!

Quercus 53

Now…….motivation,instruction,toughness,caring,praise,intelligence,integrity,unity,comradeship=winning team

Jeffrey Abbey

Like the energy about the special teams and our head coach is coming from that unit

Lets get this QB right & Defense stronger

parkour master

We literally had the worst rated defense this past year they better make some moves this offseason

Muz Kamal26

Love all the hires

Robbie Garnz

Taking coaches from the best college program in the nation and the best NFL team over the past decade? Add some Dallas coaches into the mix…Sounds like a plan!!

ThatOneGuy 123

I love the staff

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