ALL 54 Pittsburgh Steelers sacks from 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

ALL 54 Pittsburgh Steelers sacks from 2019

Watch all 54 of the Pittsburgh Steelers' sacks from 2019.

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Big E

T.J. WATT definitely got snubbed

    That Boy Devin

    The Crying Towel imagine trying to compare a two totally different positions. One’s job is to get after the QB, the other’s job is to make sure the reciever doesn’t catch the ball. You can’t compare a OLB and a CB. And you like to forget that he got burnt by Devante Parker and John Brown. Know your stats before you start an argument.

    The Crying Towel

    @That Boy Devin He got burned by John Brown?

    In the first matchup, John Brown had 5 receptions for 69 yards, and 0 touchdowns, and in the second matchup John Brown was held to 1 reception for 53 yards, and 1 touchdown. His only reception and touchdown in the second matchup came when Devin McCourty was on him. Davante Parker scored 0 touchdowns in week 17. Hardly being burnt.

    Take your own advice and know stats before coming to an argument ignorant and uninformed like a complete moron. LMFAO

    The Crying Towel

    @That Boy Devin By the way ignorant one. We’re talking about DPOY. Fair game when determining who is the best defensive player in the league. Your argument is mute and lacks substance.

    Brandon Burgess

    The Crying Towel Lmaooo the real loser here is the guy that goes on a teams website he hates to troll others 💀💀 what a waste of time

    The Crying Towel

    @Brandon Burgess I love the Steelers. What are you talking about? I’ve been a Steelers fan since 1972, but I’m also not going to lie, make up false stats, and exaggerate because of my fandom. Only fake fans do that. Fake fans like you.

Brian Erney

Steelers and ravens had greatest rivalry in 2019 that my favorite football game to watched in NFL

Lucas Kostendt

3rd year in a row leading the League in sacks

    Cj Derps

    Not true but I wish

The Crying Towel

I wish our defense weren’t so average. We need a defense like the Pats, 49ers, or Bills.



    Stephen Powell

    This defense is far from average!

    Michael Tewell

    This dude is a troller just ignore him


TJ Watt 13 sacks this season

Cameron Burns

we are gonna have more than 54 sacks in 2020



spoo oooky

Too bad Tuitt got hurt
He’s a solid lineman

    It’s Jamal_1

    spoo oooky I hope he’s back next year he can be a great addition

spoo oooky

So basically if we had a lot of sacks, it was a close game or a blowout win
If we didn’t, we lost

    Neubian Sosa

    spoo oooky every game was close except week 1 and week 17

Da Engineer

I’ve been waiting for this 😈 can’t wait for next season with this def and the big man hopefully coming back

Michael Tewell

Is it steeler football season yet??? Lol

Darrel Shelton

Cam doesn’t let anyone step up in the pocket he reminds me of a faster slimmer Casey Hampton holding up two men so the edge can come take your head off

Jeremy Feeley

T.J. got snubbed extra hard for DPOY. Gilmore didn’t deserve it at all.

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