Head Coach Arthur Smith discusses progress of the team going into final day of minicamp – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Head Coach Arthur Smith discusses progress of the team going into final day of minicamp

Head Coach Arthur Smith sits down with the Atlanta media to talk about the progress of the team ahead of the final day of mandatory veteran minicamp.

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Nick bagnulo Reply

Love his mentality

Mr motivator Reply


Robbie White Reply


Bubba Gump Reply

Hopefully ollison can carve a roll in the offense

    syminite1 Reply

    Yes! Thank you Dan Quinn draft players and forgot they existed.

Robbie White Reply

Arthur took a shot at Julio 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Sho Nuf Reply

    It’s all good

Jonathan Reply

if he says something about a running back, we have to listen. he’s a big part of henry’s success in tt

Daniel Bradley Reply

Degenerate big mouth. Be glad to see Ryan throw the season away again. Very meaningful to the fans.

    jason patrick Reply

    It’s not Matt’s fault

    Falcons/Hawks/Braves Fan Extraordinaire Reply

    another fool with no life 👀

    Clay Lalbachan Reply

    That’s dumb

    Lord Maul Reply


Good Looking Honkey Reply

I hope Ryan gets covid all year

    The Nation Reply

    You gotta be a Saints fan bro it’s no way your a Falcons fan with so much negativity

    Clay Lalbachan Reply

    You’re welcome to go be a fan of another team he’s the quarterback get over it

    Lord Maul Reply

    Go cheer for another team then we don’t need fake fans like you

    Boss Bitch Reply

    I hope “you” get covid all year Hater!!😂

    GGG Reply

    this guy got poked on his rear when he was a Kid…. only way

JT121 Reply

I think not having a good running is one of main reason Falcons had loosing seasons last few years. Ever since Freeman was washed up Falcons never really had a real running back.

    Sho Nuf Reply

    You’re absolutely right JT. Things are changing tho.

Nathanael Warren Reply

Only time will tell

Lil Dave Reply

I love this coach already! We’re coming for our championship in the near future.

Lil Dave Reply

Great interview today from the Media asking good questions and coach answering. thanks

Glam Glam Reply

D Led finally asked a question I wanted to know about Quadree. Glad to know he’s finally on the radar.

The Nation Reply

I’m very much excited to see about this upcoming szn!!

Mike Stand Reply

i want to see more ollison. and nobody goes into the season with hamstring or groin problems!!! stretch damn it! warm up! physical trainer and other coaches get on this!

DougieHendo Reply

The relationship between him and MR2 as playcaller/QB is going to be a huge component to our success, and I like that he recognizes how important that is. It took Shanny and Matt a year and a half to get on the same page. Once they clicked we had a top 10 offense in NFL history, and MR got an MVP. We def need a solid run game to be in that same discussion but I respect AS’s priorities.

Marcus Banks Reply

I swear, when the video froze, I just KNOW his eyes moved!!!!

B Strong Reply

Prove your doubters wrong Quadree Ollison!

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