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Minicamp Day 2 action

Watch highlights from Day 2 of Minicamp

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Nathen Kestenbaum Reply


DrRJack Reply

Good to see losing Julio isn’t demoralizing, even though we will all miss him

    Dhikshith Gajulapalli Reply

    @CHRISSOFLY • Julio was anything but a cancer. He contributed to this organization on the field and didn’t be a tumor like Antonio Clown.

    J Reply

    Bro these are groan men they will be alright

    Dhikshith Gajulapalli Reply

    @J What are groan men?

    J Reply

    @Dhikshith Gajulapalli haha my bad grown.

    PiereDevon Reply

    Teams lose players every week. It’s business the fans the ones taking it personal like their on the field with them

Charlene Samuels Reply

I am all for players who wants to be a Falcons not former players who wanted too be traded. I am excited for the new leadership

Karl Jenkins Reply

I’m excited to see what Darby gonna do

    Stanley Ezen Reply


    TrappinforTuition Reply

    No cap I like his demeanor, just gotta see how it correlates to the game

    Qadan Reply

    Yeah, that boy Darby🔥

    Gustavo Soils Reply

    To the Hall of Fame that is going to happen

Falcons .visualz Reply

Still remembering Julio but this makes it better

Panzer Owl Reply

Birds are lookin good! It sucks not seeing Julio, but time to move on and get to work! Rise Up!

Nick bagnulo Reply

HOPEFULLY they bring it on sundays

Stanley Ezen Reply

Falcons rise up!!!!

Benjamin Eckersley Reply

Frank Darby just looks good

freddy p Reply

Darby looks like a starter

    Kinggg Nova Reply

    I think he’s going to be the #2 Gage Is the 3

    Bennet Schnabel Reply

    @Kinggg Nova Gage is definetly #2 Darby like 4 i think rn

    Kinggg Nova Reply

    @Bennet Schnabel Just thinking about the player style to fit the team. Gage style is more a slot . And Darby is a deep ball catcher. So he should be #2 and everybody else on the team is slot kind of WRs I’m not saying Darby is a better player. He’s just a better fit for outside

Fort Bragg Reply

they look amazing.

Michael C Reply

Is it me or is Matt putting a lil extra zip into his throws. I think he’s going to prove all the haters wrong this year.

    Tray Compton Reply

    Lmao yea we hope so😂💯

    Polodee Tv Reply

    I see it

    julius jones Reply

    It’s you

    syminite1 Reply

    @julius jones Nah, he got extra zip. 😇

    Michael Govan Reply

    Facts! MVP

Isaac Crimes Reply

Here comes the BIRDS 💪

    Tabitha Barkley Reply

    You know it RISE-UP!!!🏈🏈

    Isaac Crimes Reply

    @Tabitha Barkley We got that pressure!

Riles the GOAT Reply

Defense looks good let’s hope we play good this year

Calvin ridley Reply

Dude it’s feels like Darby is everywhere

Mafi Reply

I really wish these were longer

dm kodak Reply

Linebackers going off

Raymond S. Reply

Y’all r welcome for Arthur smith lol

Charles Marler Reply

I’ve seen several Ryan interceptions already.. Lol

    Evan Jahner Reply

    I paused and watched frame by frame just for you, all the INTs are off of Franks’ throws.

    Charles Marler Reply

    @Evan Jahner you’re goofy. You must’ve not slowed it down good enough. Both pics were on Ryan.

    Charles Marler Reply

    @Evan Jahner Ryan throwing pretty good though despite the ints

Trevor J Reply

Both sides of the ball making plays. That’s what you gotta love to see early. Rise UP

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