Hayden Hurst Say Big Game vs. Buffalo ‘Hard to Put Into Words’ | Baltimore Ravens – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Hayden Hurst Say Big Game vs. Buffalo ‘Hard to Put Into Words’ | Baltimore Ravens

Tight end Hayden Hurst addresses the media after the Ravens 24-17 victory over the Buffalo Bills in Week 14 of he 2019 NFL season.

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Courtney Smith Reply

Is it me or is the volume on this low asf?

    Spencer Sage Reply

    Yeah lighting and audio suck on these press confrences. Better than nothing though

    Sean Jones Reply

    A couple of Lamar’s interviews been low as wellπŸ‘πŸΎ


sammyvh11 Reply

Hurst has better hands than Andrews at this point. Andrews gets open better.

    aundria 7 Reply

    Hurst is one of the heads on our three headed monster of tight ends! #GORAVENS!

    Mtownraven Reply

    I thought I was alone with that take. It’s good to see Hayden shine. Now I want Chris Moore to get some more snaps!

    Joe W. Reply

    We need to get hurst involved more along with boykin and even jaleel scott and chris moore. Change some things up. We need more threats out there. Andrews had a couple big drops yesterday.

    king shark Reply

    πŸ˜‹, me seeing raven fans wanting more from the offense, .. yep yep, i and I’m sure few of yah get the 3te sets issue, hey it’s our scheme, it’s working well vs 1st look teams, and hopefully it buys Lamar more passing developing time. But, definitely next yr, we gotta put more speed and talent twitch on the field to really break out and show something different.

    We have far more talent than people realize, just now we riding a certain scheme and game plan as far as we can. 🀞 so far so good.

steve Haynes Reply

Hurst,Andrews And Boyle OMG Just Having A Great Season …

    midnyghtson Reply

    Best TE group in a long time…let alone this year! Perfect trio for the style of ball Ravens play.

Malcolm Sanders Reply

He and Lamar Jackson is fantastic

king shark Reply

Hay hurst. A keeper or super great trade deal. … yes, I was a let’s get some picks or a player for him. But, if we can get him far more involved scheme wise, dude is pro bowl talent. Obviously our fastest te, moves way more fluid than the other two.
But, Rock out for now, business decisions later.

Eli Greene Reply

He has great hands…when the ball is in his radius it just seems to suction cup into his grip. Reminds me of torry holt’s ability to look the ball in

king shark Reply

Yeah we better scheme hurst to see and use all his abilities, why? Hmmmm
Greenbay, new England, any afc east team, … ahhhh shyt any team in the league will want a te like hurst with them moves.

Andrews having a good year, but that’s the scheme, greg using all the speed of wrs, and hurst speed to clear out for Andrews to eat up the zone.

Lil truss, me. We not even near the point of busting out all the talent we have, it’s still bottled up inside a certain scheme, although was good to see some rb screen game.

Imagine some hurst in a te screen game. πŸ€”πŸ˜Ž

Ron Edward Reply

Definitely our fasted tight-end with the best hands. I always liked this dude. This “πŸ–•” is for all those that kept saying he was a bust.

    Joe W. Reply

    He missed his opportunity last season to build chemistry with lamar because he was hurt. Its great to see him get more involved.

    Mervens Alexis Reply

    He was the best TE in college. I think Andrews runs better routes and creates better separations. Hopefully he gains Lamars trust in the coming weeks since Andrews down.


This man and Andrews are amazing

Teezy H Reply

I love it.. in these crazy games… all of the players get in there and do what they have to do for the win..

RuDy Bmore Reply


User Name Reply

Thor πŸ’ͺ πŸ”¨ 🌩

Deborah Kerns Reply

That’s ok, Ravens will have a couple extra days to prepare for week 16’s Browns showdown.
But for now, they need to concentrate on Thursday’s Jets game…🏈

    aundria 7 Reply

    Yes, on to the Jets!! It’s a short week for our Ravens, but let’s go, get it, get it!!! #GORAVENS!

    Deborah Kerns Reply

    @aundria 7 ~ πŸˆπŸ‘πŸˆ

lamar chapman Reply

We got some good players think we gonna keep Hurst Andrews and Boyle but boykin they haven’t unleashed him at all! They got some.plays for him in the playoffs!

aundria 7 Reply

Hurst is our THOR!!!! #GORAVENS!!

Joe W. Reply

Personally i would sit andrews next game to let him fully heal up and try to get Hurst and boykin more involved against the jets. We need other playmakers out there.

Ralph Marden Reply

I got Hayden Hurst showing his whole potential for us very soon. I for one can’t wait.

O.G RayJack Reply

Now it’s your time to eat!! Way to stay positive Double H. “Can’t wait”

Mervens Alexis Reply

Hurst def got speed. If only He gets separation like Andrew does.

Adam N Reply

Keep it going Hyden! Guy has steadily improved since he has been here. That’s what Ravens do.

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