Hard Knocks Episode 3 Post Show ft. Rex Ryan & Dave Dameshek – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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WebbedCosine0 Reply

I hope y’all do something like this during the season

5 Star General Reply

This is real Tv 📺 👍🏼 🍺

hitindahead Reply

Bomb Pops are delicious.

great friends Reply

Let’s see we have 830 and 10 comments, views and it’s just 2 hours since episode 3 ended . I bet that in seven days there will be more then 2500 total views and 25 comments . In a city of 13 million

    David Reply

    Hey man. I think I saw a post of you on their last stream as well. I just wanna drop by and say I’m happy you found something to keep you busy in these trying times regardless of how mundane it is. It’s important we keep ourselves engaged and you seem to have found something that works for you. Stay strong and keep your chin up this pandemic will pass and things will get better!

    great friends Reply

    David that is so passive aggressive love you

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