“It Feels So Weird” | Darius Leonard Mic’d at Colts Training Camp – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Dante Sinatra Reply

First to Watch the MANIAC!!

pmo 710 Reply


Alfred Bautista Reply

We gonna get it this year y’all !!!!!

boilerhonkiedude Reply

“Absolutely nobody to talk trash to…” LOL! Gonna be a GREAT defensive year!

max lank Reply

Best LB in the league

Jake Wolf Reply

He’s the new John Randle 😂

Space Pants Reply

He can make any bad day better just from his positive energy he brings!

Brad Moffatt Reply

“No, no, no Phillip!”

    UltrasonicRhino Reply

    That’s a scary thing to hear lol

Ian Gambino Reply

Haha……that was funny messing with D-Fo

Paul Mendoza Reply

Why is Kenny Moore always hurt

GoFastTurnLeft Reply

If Darius and Phillip aren’t mic’d up every game you guys are dropping the ball. Lol

    Tyson Senger Reply

    And Quenton lmao

Kevin Ball Reply

Leonard and Rivers jaw jacking at each other is a game in itself! Love it!

Kirch101 Reply


Bommit91 Reply

What a beast, so glad he’s on OUR team!

Gorilla Joe Reply

RIP Pound Cake makes me so happy to see a Maniac reppin 53

Kaden Kullberg Reply


Abdul Taylor Reply

I like him talking smack to Hines. “You like jiggle”.

Gsus Rodriguez Reply

He reminds me of cash nasty when he says Kenny. This man is great

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