Greg Rousseau Excited to be a Buffalo Bill! | Bills Pod Squad Ep. 29 ft. Greg Rousseau – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Greg Rousseau Excited to be a Buffalo Bill! | Bills Pod Squad Ep. 29 ft. Greg Rousseau

On this week’s episode of Bills Pod Squad, Kim Pegula and Maddy Glab are joined by the 30th pick from the 2021 NFL Draft, Greg Rousseau. Rousseau details what it was like being in Cleveland and hearing Roger Goodell call his name. The edge rusher explains a little bit about himself as we hit him with some rapid fire questions and why he’s excited to be in Buffalo. He also shared the story about his upbringing and how his hard working family help shaped who he is today.

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Mateo Shullio Reply

Lets go Buffalo!!!!!

    Michael Caywood Reply

    Fat chance, bud.

    Josh Allen the GOAT Reply

    @Michael Caywood You right, fat chance of us going cause we’re here to stay.

Kenneth Chonillo Reply

Awww yeah, Attack on Titan is a great pick!

Professor Noob Reply

Lets go Buffalo!!!!!

Addy DeSoto Reply

Welcome to the Team!!!

Mark Cook Reply

As a long times Miami hurricanes fan, I saw every game that this kid played. For any of you doubters out there give this man a chance to know the system he has talent he has the want to he also has a nose for the football. When he starts to make a name for himself which he will remember this post… Class dismissed

    KING GIL Reply

    If he plays last year the bills wouldn’t have got him at 30🤷‍♂️ He has crazy potential

    J Stokes Reply

    Yeah, I agree with your assessment and I am still confused as to how Scott Patchan started over Gregory Rousseau.

Craig McCann Reply

He said the greatest inspiration, motivation, respect, encouragement and commitment came from family.
We need more of that in this country.

dwright778 Reply

My boy likes anime 🔥👌

Dean Neaverth Reply

I love this kid!

Lucas Darnley Reply

Greg Rousseau is going to be a BEAST I hope he turns into a top 3 edge rusher within the next 3-4 years

    TheBuffaloMayor Reply

    I hope he gets there by the end of next season lol

    J Stokes Reply

    As a Canes Fan, I think Buffalo got a good one in Rousseau. I just pray he does not terrorize Tua and my Dolphins for years to come. 😆

John Marlow Reply

You and Josh will get along just fine!!! I love 5 big strong people drafted 2 d-line 3 o-line. Singletary, Moss and Brieda will have plenty of holes made for them. Big Men!!!

Point thumbs not fingers Reply

I thi k our defense is gonna be top notch again this season.

Ron Yantz Reply

What a well rounded good young man we drafted.

Point thumbs not fingers Reply

Young man seems to have a great attitude. He’s going to fit in well in Buffalo.

R.J. Melville Reply

I have been saying this all draft season, Greg is the Josh Allen of DEs. Highest upside ever and just needs a couple years in the system before we can shine. Sounds like an amazing person as well.

Chewy Bacca Reply

Hey! I found Kim Pegula! Sabres fans have been looking for her for a whole year!

#FireKimPegula. From the Sabres

T Brads Reply

I have to remember that this very large man, is definitely still a kid. 100% great kid though definitely

Douglas Masters Reply

I was hoping he would say his favorite food was QB sack lunches.

Michael Spiotta Reply

Normally I’m dead set against children having pro athletes as role models for obvious reasons, but this young man is the exception to the rule. Hell, he’s a role model for adults as well. Good on him. Great pick and I can’t wait for the season to begin! Welcome to Bills country young man!

J Stokes Reply

They need to stop lying to that man about the weather up there though. Snow doesn’t last forever, huh? It will last a STRONG 7 months though.

Mark Izydorczak Reply

It’s clear he will be a success. Humble and driven is a great combination!

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