Greg Rousseau’s First 24 Hours in Buffalo! | Buffalo Bills – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Greg Rousseau’s First 24 Hours in Buffalo! | Buffalo Bills

An inside look at Buffalo Bills Defensive End Greg Rousseau's first 24 hours in Buffalo as he tours the Bills facilities for the first time. From meeting Head Coach Sean McDermott to seeing his locker for the first time, get an inside look at how the first round pick spent his first day at One Bills Drive.

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Diego Rodriguez Reply


Andy Kocialski Reply


Andy Kocialski Reply

Welcome to the Bills Mafia GROOT

MrBrave Reply

Welcome to the Buffalo Greg Rousseau, with you on our team we will be unstoppable

Tracy Rousse Reply

Excited to see you on the field young man! GO BILLS!!$

Vanadyan Reply

Can’t wait to scream Rouss for the next 15 years like we screamed Bruce. Go Bills!

    Corey Foltman Reply


    Josh Allen the GOAT Reply

    Greg Rousseau
    G Rouss
    G ouss

    I think we got ourselves another Goose.

    Joe Kotrys Reply

    Hit em with the Jean Jacques!!!!

Jason Reply

Wow this kid is a freakin’ giant. He looks bigger than 6’7 and still has room to fill out. Really curious to see what he looks like in 2 years. Got a good feeling about this one- great attitude, grateful, & humble. Sky’s the limit, go get it young man

    One Buffalo Reply

    He needs to fill out more too skinny for his height right now. But the good news is thats easily done, especially in a pro setting (hell look at Josh allen last year compared to draft day, hes easily put on 25+lbs)

Bills News Consolidated Reply

Unlimited potential

John Herring Reply

Harrison already looking to get a free meal lol

skippythetubrat Reply

@2:47 A B S O L U T E U N I T

Mark Cook Reply

As a long time Miami hurricanes fan for several decades it’s been a pleasure to see these young men come through the Canes nation and onto the NFL where they would make a name for themselves. Seems to me you guys up in Buffalo have the fortunate circumstance of getting another one… Class dismissed

Dan VanKouwenberg Reply

Dude is still growing.

huh Reply

A gentle giant off the field, a monster on the field. Perfect.

Gabe BRO Reply

Man for a young guy he’s soo big 👀

Buffalo Defendant Reply

“the helmets iconic” HUGE Greg Rousseau fan

    One Buffalo Reply

    Idk I miss the 90’s red helmets… those were iconic.

T Jab Reply

Can’t wait to see on the field!!!!!!!!

Jose R Reply

This dude is huge, great to have you in Buffalo.

Miles Nugent Reply

Harrison is a lil savage, rolling up day 1 with “where my dinner at” lmaoooo

T Jab Reply

#50 is a great addition to the defense!!! We’re excited to seeing him in action. Initially, he’ll have some rust to knock off, but that’s expected! Looking forward to seeing him get up to speed with the rest of the group. This team is built around quality players with high character which he’ll soon realize. Great to have him here in Buffalo 🦬.

Ken Simmons Reply

When did we go back to handshakes? Asking for a nation.

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