Greg Olsen talks about his future and his memories and relationships within the locker room – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Greg Olsen talks about his future and his memories and relationships within the locker room

"I couldn't be more thankful for these past nine years here. Just a great place to play. I'm proud of a lot of the things we accomplished, proud of how far we were able to take this team."

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Jordan Jordan

One of the best players in the league cant have anything but respect for him and what all he has done for the Carolinas

    Spencer Brown

    Got that right
    2nd Marshawn Lynch

Leonard Matthews

He is the MVP in NFL history

Spencer Brown

2nd to comment

Leonard Matthews

He is the greatest of all time


come on greg on more season cams gonna be back it would be epic

Chris Goesin

Don’t retire without your dog having his nose in it.


If he leaves I have no hard feelings, the franchise is rebuilding. Love Olsen

John Bruckner

You still have talent and speed PLEASE GIVE It ONE MORE YEAR!


Only one man can persuade him to come back next year…….

Ayo Cam…….set that meeting up with Greg ASAP!!!!! If he retires………


Thanks Greg Olsen for all the memories you gave to this organization…🙏 to your new future… On the commentator journey..

Gilbert Sharpe

God i hate to see him go, but this is gonna be a multiple season rebuild and 3rd Leg Greg deserves better than that

Chris Mertlik

It was emotional in the Stadium today

N Morris

He’s going to the Hall of Fame

Zak Wilkerson

One more year Greg. Can’t see you leave this way. You’re 1 of those 10-12 core Panthers we need to drive the engine. Cam just needs his dawg next year. No matter what, #88 is in the next Panthers Hall of Honor. Class act.

Hunna Gmgb

Thanks BIG O !!!!!


Greatest Panthers tight end of all time.

Steven Defeo

I hope he doesn’t go anywhere. Let him and Cam play one more year

Ugly Drip

One last season with cam Greg. And it would be a helluva ride


I don’t think he is planning to retire I think he’s anticipating being released.

Michael Higgins

Just watched CMC’s 1K 1K highlights, and the run blocking of this man was fantastic.

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