Christian McCaffrey reflects on the 2019 season and the Panthers future – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Malachi Nicholson


Summer Doggos

Best team in the game today! #keeppounding #runcmc

    Traci Dave

    Best? They ain’t goin to week 20.

Dwight Waddell

Please let’s get this o-line right next season😭

    Big D

    We’re fine with Trai Turner and Dennis Daley tho

    Kalvin Martinez

    Big D Dennis Daley has been a week point since he’s been put in. Most sacks have been caused by him getting beat. He’s just a rookie so hopefully he’ll develop for next year but he’s def not better a single other guy there. Hopefully we can find someone better as rg with experience as we’ve had 3-4 guys fill in

    DBeazRN 3

    We need upgrades in about every aspect….Look at our defense – yes, we led the league in sacks, which is no small achievement, but how many rushing yards did our defense allow. We just could not stop the run. The Oline – wow – Is like to keep Turner, Moton & Daily. We threw away a third round pick on Little, but it’s only his rookie year, so let’s see how he bounces back next season – hopefully he doesn’t bounce too hard given how injury-prone he can be. Burns was a star for our Defense & will have an incredible breakout season sooner than later. Unfortunately we can’t solve all of our issues in the draft, or even free agency – but I certainly hope that we can take a HUGE step towards getting a more consistently winning team. Blessings to all!! ❤️🇺🇸🇺🇸🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🇺🇸🇺🇸❤️



Jordan Jordan

Next season will be amazing they just need to figure everything out and that will take some time but i know they can do it love the Panthers amazing team full of amazing players who do anything and everything they can to win a game they also make a huge impact on the Carolinas 🖤💙🖤💙

    Traci Dave



    Most off the defense wants hard penises.

    Some of the offense wants penis.

    Next year won’t be amazing it’ll be 35 guys running around hunting penis.

    Nic The Noob

    Traci Dave what a gay comment

    MethnoState Mel

    @Traci Dave what did he mean by this???????

Brian Burns

The return of cam newton starts now

    Joshua Wathen

    Cam and cmc. The run game is gonna be goted

    T J

    Hopefully burns can stay healthy all year next year

    B F

    Brian Burns just for him to get injured again


    @Traci Dave Sounds good, when would you like to meet her? She’s also offering a special this week for the first 20 customers so hurry up while the going is good!


    @Joshua Wathen The run game is gonna be what? Really hoping Cam is 100%% and ready to go when he gets back.

Josh N

Keep pounding CMC 2020 will be the year👊💪

Liquid Swords

Alot of injuries… Alot of people were riding that wave of emotion w the loss of Cam and then Coach Rivera. Next year is another opportunity #KeepPounding

Knight *

Best back in the league

Brent Houser

Man you such a great guy keep working hard and when the panther get ot together you be way ahead of schedule

Fresher Dougie

I know he won’t get MVP because of Lamar Jackson, but damn does this guy deserve it. He’s a pro’s, pro.

Sam Sule

What they need to do in the off-season

Southside Kid

Lets keep Pounding 💪 Hope it’s not the last one for 88

KeBo Marlee

Great Leader Don’t Care About Individual stats just about the Team…

Jim Watson

So glad we have this guy to build around next year!

Edward Lynch

The most important lesson is that cam is needed. And his absence was more a problem than anyone wanted to admit

Summertime Girl

Love when he said Olsen and Kuechly deserve better. So do you, CMC.


Thanks CMC you helped me to earn BACK TO BACK fantasy league championships!

Rana Farr

Christian and Cam are my favorite players!!!

Jacob Summers

When we get a quarterback like tua then we’ll be way better and we might even make the playoffs
GO PANTHERS!!!!!!!!!

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