Giants vs. Redskins Postgame Recap, Highlights, and Analysis – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Daniel Camilo

lets go gmen

Josiah Zarco

New York giants are the gest


    skins popin corks all night


Get a damn defense

Flymoolah man 27

Yo the defence was so garbage, no one was doing anything



    Flymoolah man 27

    stepsis- my spelling almost as bad as the giants defensive play

    Victory Life

    @Flymoolah man 27 Well in some places defence is still a correct way to spell it

Mike B

Yslls shows are a joke.

    Kyle Bryson

    Go cry somewhere else

Mike B

Lmfao you played corners who weren’t on the team last week

Pablo Sanchez

Let’s go gmen!!!!!!!

vince kelly

barkley could have scored if he ran baqckwards
skins , poor defense, and it was clear skins defense did not have any heart in this game

Fabian Albiar

I’m a GIANTS FAN but it looks like these are the two top teams of the NFC east future… With both these QBs

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