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West Q

We might of lost out on chase young , we’ll draft Andrew Thomas to block for DJ and be Fine !

    Patrick Pritchard

    First half they make the season completely boring and meaningless. Second half they get some wins so that we are stuck with the same bunch of losers again next year. And the cycle just repeats itself.

    Frank Masselli

    Hubert – Brawl Stars then Judy or Lamb




    I hope and pray you are right bro.


    Frank Masselli ZERO need to draft a receiver in the first round with the holes on our defense. maybe on in the later rounds but we are good enough play receiver where it isn’t our best need. Andrew Thomas, Isaiah Simmons, Jeff Okudah, Grant Delpit
    are the ones to go if young isn’t there

Meme Miester

Chase young might not even declare for the draft. The likes of Jeff okudah Andrew Thomas and company are great

    West Q

    Chase Young is definitely declaring who’s gonna turn down $30 mil ?

    Meme Miester

    West Q yeah but that would make me feel better as I wouldn’t want Washington to get him

    Joch Hann

    @West Q A couple of players in the past have. But that’s not the point. There are other players, and this team needs more than Chase Young to win. He’s not the be-all-and-end-all like some dramatic fans are acting. It would be great to get him, but I also think getting a good o-line is VERY VERY important to the success of this team. And our offense is closer than our defense to being effective.

    Amazing Guy

    Andrew Thomas would really solidify our o-line.


    Isaiah Simmons would do great in our scheme

Steve P

Goodbye #2 pick

    Watch & Learn

    Steve P only a Giants fan would be disappointed in losing the #2 draft pick. Contrary to what has occurred in the last half decade, you play to win and getting early draft picks are for the loser teams. If you want draft picks, root for the Bengals, Redskins, Browns, or Jets.

    Steve P

    @Watch & Learn Well, I’ve been a fan of the Football Giants for 44 years. They’ve gone through a few of these cycles in that time, and I would like to see them bottom out, rebuild, and then get better. I don’t give a rip about those other teams you mentioned. But without good management, coaching and players, all you’ll see will be mediocrity bumbling along at 8-8 for years. I want them to hit bottom quickly, change their GM and Coaching staff and get some more solid players on which to build a good team. Oh, and I will not apologize for taking that stance.

    Watch & Learn

    ​@Steve P You don’t have to apologize lol my point was that you never see the Patriots fans complaining about the fact that THEY fed up and ruined their chances to get the 2nd pick in the draft and they seem to be doing just fine.

    I’m tired of early round picks. I’m tired of players thanking God when they get cut. I’m tired of the cycle of freeing up cap space only for quality FAs to go elsewhere because they “want to win.” And I’m tired of hiring the coach who’s third on the list of potential coaches.

    I’ll gladly take those bumbling years all over again. Mind you, two of those bumbling years, when the Gs went 9-7 and 10-6 and guess what? They won the SB on those bumble years. Sure, sometimes they just missed the playoffs or got knocked out in the first round but I can’t recall a time when they didn’t bumble in my experience with that team. Perhaps in the 80s? Idk, I wasn’t alive for that decade.

    Steve P

    @Watch & Learn I go back to the bad old 1970’s when the Giants traded for QB Craig Morton. Those were some pretty lean years, oh we did get Larry Czonka, but there was nobody, NOBODY to block for him. It all started to turn around when Ray Perkins became Head Coach and George Young was the GM. It was well worth the pain.

Muz Kamal26

Goodbye #2 pick hello 4th pick

    Kyle Bryson

    Stephen Hassol goes by strength of schedule. Giants are at 4

    Father Leo

    Giants could still get the #2 pick with a loss against Philly, Redskins and Lions win


    Goatquon Barkley same bro 😤😤


Love you Danny!

    Noah Cahill Sports Talk

    AlexSports let’s go!

Big Blue Squad

Class act just like Eli. Good game Dimes💎, and congratulations on tying Deshaun Watson for most games with 4+ TD’s by a rookie.

    James Brawl

    Retards seriously don’t understand that fumbles are the easiest thing to fix with being a problem on offense. The man put up 3 tds vs bucs, 4 vs the lions. He is our boy. And we need to give him a chance

    Big Blue Squad

    James Brawl Exactly. In fact his first 7 games he had 14 TO, however his previous 4 games he only has 5. That’s a huge decrease in turnovers.

Literally Your mom

I was at this game and it was a great game

    Devon Millar

    I was too💪🏽😄…amazin game!!

    Wilson Mckoy

    I was there…sh!t was lit!


Who else finds Jordan Raanan as annoying and an antagonist. Don’t like Raanan.


    Most of reporters asking questions in the media seem so “clueless”, like … What the heck? They sound so unintelligent and flat out stupid. They ask such foolish questions. No wonder the articles with the New York Post and the Daily News just suck


    Uhhh… okay. Your comment sounds clueless.


Way to go coming back and showing some courage, screw the draft picks, always play to win!

    Bamz Santana

    brotzmannsax exactly

    Lemuel Sinclair

    brotzmannsax W

Amazing Guy

#DannyDimes for ROTY!


    I’m a giants fan but no

    Amazing Guy

    @BYZO Yes

    ThatOneGuy 123

    BYZO yes! Are you high? Who else will get it? McLauren? Jacobs? Murray?

    Tae Chillz

    Lmaoo he doesn’t need to win that lmao I’ve been a giants fan my whole life

Amazing Guy

We still need to #FireBettcher

    NYGEEZ State of Mind

    Absolutely agree


I fully enjoyed watching this game LIVE today!!!! I think next year is going to be very exciting!!!

Bill Maxfield

Somebody buy this kid a suit!

    Kevin Burke

    Bill Maxfield hey McAdoo should help him find one. Lmao!!!

    Mark Gumpal




Creatives Spotlight

This guys a pro


Bengals will try to trade down but not below Miami’s QB NEED PICK so the Giants can still try to trade up for Chase Young #1 pick. It makes no sense for Bengals to take Chase Young with Dalton being FINISHED so they should trade down. If the Giants don’t get Chase Young, they should go for Andrew Thomas (BIG NEED)…. If no Thomas, they should go for CB Jeff Okudah (BIG NEED) to help the very poor secondary. Great 1-2 punch with Okudah and Baker! DE, OL and CB are all needs.


    @SOD CheezeWiz Since the Patriots game, Baker has been one of the best corners in the NFL according to the performance rankings. He has been much better than earlier season. The other corners have struggled. Jenkins has been trash. Good riddance.

    Sriakkineni Harsha

    we can trade with Chargers who want to pick a qb or even with the panthers so that they can pick their qb and get a bunch of draft picks , that would be a good addition to the team in some important positions

    Ed Wuncler III

    They’re not trading down it’s too risky, what if the Giants then trade back with Miami? Joe Burrow is too good for them to risk losing him


    @Ed Wuncler III There is absolutely no way the Giants would trade up for #1 pick and then trade back down to Miami Dolphins #3 pick because the Giants would chance to lose out on their goal for Chase Young with the #3 pick if the Redskins were to take Young with the #2 pick.

    Ed Wuncler III

    @Bflo23 If the offer is good enough you never know.

Macky Mode

Corey Ballentine is not fast enough to cover a slot receiver, we need another corner, Baker is still inconsistent, might want to draft a corner or two, but pass rusher is a must have still.

    Jonathan Stone

    Macky Mode what about offensive line, still not very consistent there

    Anton Engberg

    @Jonathan Stone For me I think we draft a corner in Okudah if we pick 4th overall as the Redskins might draft Andrew Thomas and the Lions Chase Young. After that I’d look at a OL later in the draft and pass rush is a position that can be filled quite well in FA.

    Nash Scheber

    We have drafted enough corners we need to let them play and draft other needs this years draft . We should sign a veteran corner not named Janoris Jenkins

    Goatquon Barkley

    Anton Engberg noooooooo why draft a CB we needa draft Simmons if Young and Thomas aren’t on the board


    Yeah we gotta start with the pass rush, that would help out the secondary tremendously.. Baker is good! We definitely need a corner or 2. Bethea is finished by the way!


5 dimes

Biggie Sneeze

How’s the ankle?? Mans threw 5 td!!! That ankle was never hurt

Pablo Sanchez

Let’s go gmen!!!!!!!!!!

Tiger Uppercut

Good job jones Barkley and the rest of the New York giants but damnnnn Jones you day Um mote than Eli mote than any player in the league during interviews Jesus, take a shot for every um he says 🤣

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