Giants vs. Eagles Postgame Recap, Highlights, and Analysis – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
James In da house

Heart break of a game

James In da house

If only the Giants started with the ball in OT

    Blue Scale

    Yea we would’ve went 3 and out and eagles would’ve still beat us.

Anthony Ellison

Sucks being a Giants fan

Anthony Ellison

They have a crappy organization

    Charles Buckley

    Well don’t watch!!!The organization will survive without you my friend…Bandwagon fans

Ashtar Sheran

At least the Giants aren’t cheaters, like the Cheatriots.

Wally Dupes

Fire shurmur.

Newcastle Giants

Slayton is a beast! At least we should have the 2nd pick and be able to get Chase Young who is by far the best prospect.

Kenneth Hendrickson

Poor Coaching Zero Change in 2nd Half. No adjustments in 2nd half and its time to seriously clean house. This is not on the plsyers.

Zach Alexander

how do we crumble like this every year, we blow leads to the eagles very year, y can’t we score in the second half

Freedom Ring

FIRE SCHURMUR!!!!!!!!!!!

Hector Rodriguez

WOW The Giants blew a 17-3 lead Just like the Wisconsin Badgers blew a 21-7From last Saturday’s Big Ten title game against Ohio State.

It’s time for the Giants to clean out the house.
Fired the GM
Fire Coach Pat And higher Coach Ron Rivera or Jim Harbaugh.
And get and draft a defense of player from Ohio state chase young with the number two or number three pick in the first round.


Where is the two idiots that kept challenging me about eli starting. You idiot casuals don’t know anything about football. Eli was always the better choice for the season.

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